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List of Self-Funded Industry Acronyms

By popular demand, The Phia Group has published a list of common or helpful industry acronyms. This list has historically been used this as a training tool for The Phia Group's own employees, but it is being provided here in the hopes that it is found informative.

Click here for the list.

The Phia Group thanks you for sharing its common goal of reducing health care costs and helping the self-funded industry grow.

2017 Phia Forecast
2016 has been another huge year for self-funding, and a year of significant change for healthcare in general – and with the results of the recent presidential election, 2017 is slated to be an exciting year as well. 2016 has played host to all sorts of new federal regulations, state laws, market trends, and cost-containment options, and we expect 2017 to be even more unpredictable…but still great for self-funding.

Thank you for joining The Phia Group’s legal team on December 13, 2016, for the 2017 Phia Forecast.

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