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If I Can Change, So Can The Average American

By: Garrick Hunt

I recently celebrated my two year anniversary at The Phia Group; an organization that two years ago I didn’t know existed. In my time here, I have learned a great deal about an industry, which should matter to every American, but often is filed away the likes of cell phones bills, something that we pay for because we need it. Like many Americans, I did not question increases in my premium, I did not know what a plan document was, nor had I read one, as they often had small font and no pictures.

That changed when I joined The Phia Group. Shortly after, what was just another thing I was required to have, turned into something I scrutinized and questioned regularly. This was the first organization I had ever worked for that was transparent about health insurance, and unlike my former employers, they had all the answers to my questions. Naturally, such transparency is certainly indicative with the level of expertise The Phia Group has. As I began to step into the proverbial light, I began to understand why most Americans fail to comprehend the health insurance industry. They don’t understand healthcare and it is by design.

Healthcare and health insurance is structured upon rising costs, with everyone shifting the blame, and as long as Americans put their faith in policies and politicians to solve these issues, then the issues will persist. So how does one change the minds of the American people? Education and a reason to care about their healthcare; education that is objective and unbiased, and a reason beyond what if I get sick. It is up to us as industry leaders to provide this, but how does one do this? You guessed it! Pay them to care! When I found out that at The Phia Group I could get paid cash if I found an error in my bill, or consulted with HR prior to receiving treatment, I soon found myself scanning every bill and questioning every line item. This incentive was proven effective when I had my first child, and elected to go to a better rated and more cost efficient hospital, and was rewarded with free diapers and wipes for a year. This is enough incentive for any person who only cared about the co-pay and deductible before, to now look at the whole bill.