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The Art of the Pill: Will Trump Fully Buy Into an International Price Index?

On October 7, 2019
The discussion of lowering prescription drug costs is certainly on the raise, but will Trump fully buy into an International Price Index?

The New Medicare and Medicaid Bills

On February 19, 2019
Learn more about the Medicare for All Act of 2019 and how it would transform U.S. health care system if it is passed.

Stop-Loss: The Forgotten Player in the Reference Based Pricing Game

On December 20, 2018
Learn why you need to put stop-loss high up on the laundry list of considerations when choosing to adopt referenced-based-pricing.

REMINDER: Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notices Due to Certain Employees by October 14th

On September 24, 2018
Do you deserve to be receiving these benefits? Find out more about the Medicare coverage that is due to employees by October 14th. Learn more today!

Trump Administration Halts Billions in ACA Payments

On July 18, 2018
The Trump Administration has taken quite a beating from the Affordable Care Act. Click here to know what insurance companies will be forced to do.

Negotiated Rates Are King

On March 29, 2018
Negotiated rates are extremely important in the self-funded insurance industry. Click here to see all the benefits!

Freedom Blue II: The ACA’s Unlikely Ally

On March 26, 2018
The Trump Administration recently shut down Idaho’s conservative governor from ignoring the ACA. Read here to know exactly why this happened.

House Bill Assumes Air Ambulance Providers are Underpaid

On December 13, 2017
"Ensuring Access to Air Ambulance Services Act of 2017" this bill is designed primarily to alter the Medicare reimbursement to air ambulance providers. If you would like to learn more about this bill or if it has been impacting you, read about it here with The Phia Group.