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Back to Basics: Plan Documents 101 (Part 2)

On July 13, 2016
When we think of hot topics in the self-funded industry, plan document drafting is hardly the first thing that come to mind. Instead, issues such as fiduciary duties, reference-based pricing, transgender coverage, employee incentives, and provider abuse are on the tip of everybody's tongues. All these topics, however, share a common feature: they're all reflected, in some way or another, within the plan document. Without compliant and effective plan document language, a plan can't offer robust benefit programs while containing costs.
Thank you for joining The Phia Group's legal team (including Jen McCormick) on Wednesday, July 13th, 2016, at 1:00pm (EST), as we presented Part 2 of our "Back to Basics: Plan Documents 101" presentation. We discussed some more of the best and worst practices for plan drafting, to help you make the most of every page of your plan document.

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Back to Basics: Plan Language 101

On June 15, 2016
Most situations that involve self-funded benefit plans revolve around language within the plan document. Whether deciding if a service is experimental, or figuring out whether a dependent is actually covered, or deciding whether a leave of absence will extend coverage, the plan document controls in just about all situations. For that reason, it's all the more disastrous when poor plan language handicaps plans and TPAs. Like we always say, your rights are only as good as your language.

Back by popular demand, The Phia Group's very own Jen McCormick was the star of this webinar, since nobody knows plan documents like Jen.

Thank you for joining The Phia Group's legal team - and Jen McCormick - for an hour on Wednesday, June 15th, 2016, at 1:00pm (EST), as we went "back to basics" and discussed some best and worst practices for plan drafting, to help make sure your plans don't lose their rights by failing to claim them in the first place.

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