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Empowering Plans: P123 – Supreme Court Takes Major Dialysis Case

On November 23, 2021
In this episode of the Empowering Plans podcast, join attorneys Brady Bizarro and Andrew Silverio as they discuss important developments in dialysis case law. Earlier in November, the Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments in a case which could settle an important question about the Medicare Secondary Payer Act and have important ramifications for plan language and payment methodologies. Brady and Andrew trace the history of the case and the differences in legal interpretation by the lower courts. Finally, they offer some predictions about how the Court may rule and the impact it could have on the industry.

Empowering Plans: P122 – COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Update

On November 12, 2021
This week on Empowering Plans, Kelly Dempsey and Kevin Brady discuss the controversial OSHA vaccine mandate rules – where they started, where they stand now, and the many legal challenges that have arisen. This won’t be the last you hear of this topic and despite the legal challenges, employers should not delay in getting their action plan and policies in place.

Empowering Plans: P121 – Transplants: The Future is Now!

On October 29, 2021
This week on Empowering Plans, Nick Bonds and Jon Jablon discuss a highly nuanced topic that has been the bane of many health plans: organ transplants. From interspecies organ transplantation to COVID’s effect on the global organ trade, it’s an evolving topic with serious implications on healthcare.

Empowering Plans: P120 – To Appeal, or not to Appeal

On October 15, 2021
Join The Phia Group’s CLO and SVP of Consulting as they dissect the No Surprises Act and reveal how and confusion regarding what constitutes a basis for appeal.

Empowering Plans: P119 - Workers' Compensation & COVID-19 Claims

On September 30, 2021
Join Rebekah McGuire-Dye and Cindy Merrell to discuss current Workers’ Compensation regulations impact health plans, responsibility for Covid-19 related claims.

Empowering Plans: P118 – You Can’t Always Get What You Want

On September 17, 2021
This week on Empowering Plans, Attorneys Chris Aguiar and Cindy Merrell, discuss what happens when limited settlement funds force Plans to consider a reduction. Listen in to get all of the details.

Empowering Plans: P117 – Boost Your COVID-19 Vaccine Knowledge

On September 1, 2021
This week on Empowering Plans, there are important COVID-19 vaccine updates to discuss. Check it out the FDA approval, booster shots and more!

Empowering Plans: P116 – Right to Repair and Healthcare

On August 20, 2021
In this podcast episode, Phia Group attorneys discuss President Biden’s right to repair executive order and how the policy impacts healthcare. Listen now!

Empowering Plans: P115 – A Lightning Round of Healthcare Updates

On August 6, 2021
In this Empowering Plans podcast episode, Phia Group attorneys discuss healthcare topics to keep you updated on the industry. Listen to the podcast here!

Empowering Plans: P114 – Time to Vent!

On July 23, 2021
In this podcast episode, our Chief Legal Office discusses false beliefs in media and politics and dissects how they impact rulemaking. Listen here!

Empowering Plans: P113 – Ahlborn Revisited

On July 9, 2021
In this episode, we talk about Medicaid, subrogation & reimbursement. Does “medical expenses” cover ALL expenses or only past expenses? Listen here.

Empowering Plans: P112 – Healthcare Subrogation, The Comeback! Post-Covid Edition

On June 25, 2021
Our attorneys discuss healthcare subrogation post-COVID: what can plans expect with courts reopened & how can plans get high recovery numbers? Learn here.

Empowering Plans: P111 – Breaking Down Drug Importation!

On June 11, 2021
In this episode, our attorneys discuss whether a participant can be a plan fiduciary after 3rd party recovery & state drug importation programs. Listen now.

Empowering Plans: P110 – NQTL? MHPAEA?! OMG, IDK!

On May 27, 2021
In this podcast episode, our attorneys discuss Non-Quantitative Treatment Limitation for the Mental Health Parity & Addiction Equity Act. Listen here!

Empowering Plans: P109 – The Unanticipated Costs of COVID-19 Testing

On May 14, 2021
In this episode of Empowering Plans Podcast, we discuss COVID-19 testing. Plan members don’t have to pay for tests, but group health plans do. Listen now!