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Empowering Plans: P163 – ChatGPT: Disrupting the Healthcare Industry

On May 19, 2023
In this episode of the Empowering Plans podcast, attorneys Brady Bizarro and Brian O'Hara provide an overview of ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI, and describe how it is disrupting the healthcare industry. In particular, they focus on one emerging use for the technology - acting as a virtual assistant for patient care. What are the advantages of using AI in this manner? What are the concerns? Tune in for what will be a topic that we revisit in the coming weeks and months!

Empowering Plans: P162 – Mind the Gap 2.0: Don’t be Afraid to Ask for a Handbook

On May 12, 2023
In this episode of Empowering Plans, Kelly Dempsey and Kevin Brady outline the relevant details provided within our Handbook Gap Free Reviews. They provide a description of the service, the case studies which gave rise to this service and describe why a review of the Handbook is more important now than ever before!

Empowering Plans: P161 – New Challenges to Old Favorites - NSA, ACA, and more (Acronyms)!

On April 28, 2023
In their latest podcast, Attorneys Nick Bonds and Corey Crigger are back to discuss the No Surprises Act (NSA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Join them as they provide an overview of each of these laws and the recent legal challenges out of Nick’s home state of Texas. Will payment determinations resume? Has the ACA finally been struck down? Tune in to find out!

Empowering Plans: P160 – How the Ending of COVID-era National Emergency Impacts Your Health Plan

On April 18, 2023
On April 10, President Joe Biden signed a bipartisan congressional resolution to terminate the U.S. national emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic—weeks before the development was supposed to occur in conjunction with a separate public health emergency expiring on May 11. Unsurprisingly, in the wake of such a stunning announcement, group health plans from coast to coast are scrambling to decide whether they must adjust their processes. In the latest Empowering Plan Podcast, Attorney Jennifer McCormick, Senior Vice President, Consulting, and Joanie Verinder, Director, Service Strategist, discuss the sudden end to the National Emergency, the many ways in which health benefit plans are affected, particularly in regards to timelines, and the information their respective participants need to be aware of.

Empowering Plans: P159 – Putting the Patient First: Challenges to Common TPA Operations

On March 31, 2023
In this episode of The Phia Group's Empowering Plans podcast, attorneys Katie Malkin and Jon Jablon take a dive into three aspects of TPA operations designed to try to make the TPA's job more manageable: simplifying EOB denial codes, sending family EOBs, and recouping overpayments by offsetting. These are three common strategies used by TPAs, but applicable law places certain limits on all of them that are not always so intuitive. Tune in as Jon and Katie discuss some best (and worst) practices, and examine critical issues facing TPAs and health plans in today's self-funded industry.

Empowering Plans: P158 – Seek and Ye Shall Find

On March 17, 2023
In the world of subrogation, there’s (almost) always more funds to recover, you just have to go searching for them—even if that means in unconventional places. In their latest podcast, attorneys Chris Aguiar and Cindy Merrell discuss how, particularly in regards to auto accidents involving participants who have substandard coverage, there is a heightened need to capitalize on opportunities for plans to recover funds. Don’t miss Phia’s veteran subrogation attorneys weighing in on how healthcare plans can be reimbursed so that their participants reap long-term benefits.

Empowering Plans: P156 – Accommodating Reasonably: Navigating the ADA and PWFA in 2023

On February 16, 2023
On this episode of Empowering Plans, Kelly Dempsey and Kevin Brady provide some valuable insights into the reasonable accommodation process under the ADA and PWFA. The PWFA, which will be effective this June, expands the scope of existing federal law with respect to accommodating employees with known limitations related to pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions. Tune in to learn why this is important for employers in 2023 and beyond!

Empowering Plans: P155 – The State of the Union 2023: Phia’s Take

On February 10, 2023
The State of the Union has always served as an important bellwether for our country, but also, for our industry, revealing what the current administration’s healthcare policies will be going forward, and in some cases, which ones enjoy bipartisan support. In this special edition podcast, join attorneys Ron Peck and Brady Bizarro as they break down the president’s speech, providing you with their reaction and analysis, and explain what you should be watching this year.

Empowering Plans: P154 – No Ordinary Time in Healthcare

On February 3, 2023
Corey Crigger and Nicholas Bonds cover a lot of ground in the newest installment of The Phia Group’s Empowering Plans podcast: Whether it’s the National and Public Health Emergencies starting to wind down or what state legislatures have in store for non-profit hospitals that overcharge or Amazon creeping into the healthcare space, Phia’s attorneys are here to keep you up to date on the ever-changing world of healthcare.

Empowering Plans: P153 – Living Up To Expectations

On January 20, 2023
Over the last decade, The Phia Group’s leaders have made quite a few predictions. There have been some hits and misses. Join attorneys Ron Peck and Jen McCormick as they discuss past predictions, their predictions for 2023, and what the best health plans need to do to stay ahead of the game this year!

Empowering Plans: P152 – The Contemporary Fiduciary: Emerging Law on an Old Topic

On January 5, 2023
In this installment of The Phia Group’s Empowering Plans podcast, join attorneys Katie MacLeod and Jon Jablon as they discuss fiduciary status, both traditionally and in the new age of self-funding. This industry is faced with changes all the time, even to some of its oldest rules; in the spirit of consumer protection, the legal and regulatory winds are once again changing to challenge certain long-held understandings about fiduciary duties. TPAs in particular should tune into this one!

Empowering Plans: P151 – The Who, What, and When of Offsetting Benefits

On December 20, 2022
In this installment of The Phia Group’s Empowering Plans podcast, attorneys Chris Aguiar and Cindy Merrell discuss offsetting benefits and when a Plan may want to consider it.

Empowering Plans: P150 – Manufacturer Assistance Programs

On December 8, 2022
Attorneys Brady Bizarro and Andrew Silverio discuss manufacturer/copay assistance programs and outline some of the different approaches being utilized to manage specialty drug spending. Also on the agenda is a current lawsuit against one such program administrator, and how the landscape might be shaped in the coming months.

Empowering Plans: P149 – Another Ping-Ponging of IC/EE Rules?

On November 17, 2022
In recent history there have been several rules that have been amended and re-amended (or just overturned and new rules published). Join Kelly Dempsey and Kevin Brady as they explore the ever-changing world of employee classification rules. The 2021 rule is viewed as leaving workers vulnerable to misclassification and was inconsistent with existing federal court decisions, thus the current administration is seeking to make a change. Tune in to learn more and why this rule matters to self-funded health plans.

Empowering Plans: P148 – The Ever Changing Times of Healthcare

On November 3, 2022
“It’s an ever-changing time…” in the healthcare landscape. Corey Crigger and Nick Bonds are back on the podcast mics to discuss some of the more interesting developments they’ve seen in 2022. Tune in to be sure these developments aren't burdensome and rest assured that the dreams you believe in will still come true.