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The First 100 Days: President-elect Donald Trump, Healthcare, and Self-Funding

On November 21, 2016
The election is behind us, and no matter who you supported, it was one of the most divisive in recent history. Regarding the contentious topic of healthcare, President-elect Donald Trump has promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a better, more efficient system. The future of our industry is sure to change.

Thank you for joining The Phia Group as we shared our predictions in a special-edition webinar. It’s going to be an interesting year…

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3rd Quarter Newsletter 2013

On October 28, 2013

Ill be honest with all of you – did I think back in 1999 when I formed The Phia Group with my college buddy Mike Branco that this company would become what it is today?  The answer is I had no idea what I expected this company to become.  I was just doing something that I loved and thought if I could make a living doing it then that would be “wicked” cool.  We have blown away any expectations we have 14 years ago and the fact remains we have much more to do.

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2014 & Beyond - Reacting to PPACA's Volatile Evolution

On September 25, 2013

Health Insurance Reform (aka Obamacare, aka PPACA, aka Healthcare Reform) has not enjoyed a smooth implementation.  In fact, its birth has been quite turbulent.  Are you surprised?  Like many in our industry, The Phia Group’s CEO – Adam V. Russo, Esq. – as well as its Sr. VP & General Counsel – Ron E. Peck, Esq. – were not shocked to see the many issues developing in the law’s rollout, but even we have been impressed by some of the hurdles.  From the “Pay or Play” employer mandate being delayed by a year, to a complete lack of guidance regarding the many costs, fees, and expenses of the law, join us as we – along with our special guest – The Phia Group’s legal counsel and VP of Consulting, Jennifer McCormick, Esq., analyze the volatile evolution of this controversial law.

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Medicare-Plus & Other Cost-Plus Methodologies - The Controversy

On February 12, 2013

The survival of self-funding in the face of PPACA, stricter stop-loss regulation, and the exchanges, is reliant upon doing more for less.  Plan administrators are now thinking outside the box, developing payment methodologies that draw upon both old and new practices. Change, however, invites upheaval; in a world dominated by PPO networks and provider agreements, anyone who strays from the norm has a fight on their hands.  Join The Phia Group’s CEO, Adam V. Russo, and Sr. Vice President, Ron E. Peck, as they dissect these new concepts, consider the pros and cons, and share their experiences as advocates of these new theories.

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Looking Forward to 2013 - The Phia Group Looks Back at 2012 and Forward to 2013

On November 26, 2012

If you thought 2012 was a wild ride, wait until you see 2013.  Obamacare is the law of the land, and it’s here to stay.  The entities empowered by PPACA to issue mandates are prepared to unleash a tidal wave of regulations in 2013.  Subrogation and coordination of benefits once again appear before the Supreme Court.  The very definition of self-funding, rights under ERISA, and access to stop-loss have come under attack.  Join The Phia Group’s CEO, Adam V. Russo, Sr. V.P. and General Counsel, Ron E. Peck, and V.P. of Consulting Services, Jennifer McCormick, as they discuss what we can expect to see in 2013, and how best to prepare for what’s coming.

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November 2012 Newsletter

On November 21, 2012

The elections are over and regardless of who you voted for, the fact remains that PPACA is here to stay.  While many of you have been utilizing our firm to assist in your compliance needs, we have never publicly announced that our team of experts can assist your organization with Regulatory Compliance issues until now.

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Doing It For Ourselves

On November 11, 2012

June 28th, 2012 is a date that will not live on in infamy or otherwise. On that date The Supreme Court of the United States (“SCOTUS”) took the path of least resistance, declaring that The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”) is Constitutional, while tearing the claws from the so-called “mandate’s” enforceability. In one fell swoop, SCOTUS both locked PPACA in as the law of the land, and eliminated the government’s ability to enforce the mandate against individuals. With the smoke clearing, and exchanges advancing nationwide, the eyes of regulators now shift to employers and self-funded plans. State commissioners, who since ERISA’s passage in 1974 have sought to control self-funded benefits, now wave the Obamacare flag in efforts to advance their long held desires. As the cost of providing insurance increases, and employers – long since thought untouchable by the self-funded industry – must decide between exiling employees to the exchange, or sampling self-funding, self-funded plans that implement cost containment solutions can position themselves to reap the rewards of this paradigm shift.

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The Supreme Court Opinion on PPACA

On November 11, 2012

The US Supreme Court upheld the sweeping 2010 healthcare law, declaring that Obama and Congress acted within their powers in requiring most Americans to obtain health insurance.

The ruling reaffirms the most ambitious and controversial undertaking of President Obama’s first term: attempting to guarantee that most of the 45 million Americans without insurance will get better access to medical care.

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