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Self-Funding Comes in Many Forms - When Describing, Take Care to do so Accurately!

On January 29, 2019
The Phia Group understands that many self-funded plans do not utilize the hybrid approach. Learn more about self-funded health plans.

Not all Illegal Act Exclusions are Created Equal

On November 22, 2017
Want to know more about Illegal Act Exclusions? Not all of them are created equal. Illegal acts and illegal drug exclusions are prevalent in self-funded plan documents, but does the plan document wording align with the plan's intent? Learn more about Illegal Act Exclusions with us.

Pay the Cost to be the Boss!

On April 24, 2017
Educate your staff and empower them to make the best choices, as illustrated by Ron Peck, Esq.'s example. Read more now.

U.S. Airways v. McCutchen – Where Are they Now?

On March 29, 2017
We discuss the differences of known self-funded healthcare plans and compare them to U.S. Airways Vs. McCutchen. Learn more.

The Tangled Web of Contracts

On May 12, 2016
The self-funded industry is made up of a complex system of contracts, and navigation across them is anything but simple. Network contracts supersede plan documents; Administrative Services Agreements “add” plan provisions, stop-loss policies embrace carve-outs but networks prohibit them, employee handbooks promise benefits not provided by the SPD…and those are just a few examples of areas of confusion. Thank you for joining The Phia Group on May 12th, 2016 as its legal team gave a crash course in contracts. Cost-containment can be impacted by the contracts you sign, and there are often exceptions and restrictions buried deep down, or potential issues not considered beforehand. In this webinar, The Phia Group explained some of the contracting pitfalls experienced on a daily basis within the self-funded industry.

September 2012 Newsletter

On October 19, 2012
Fall is in the air here in New England but the conference schedule is heating up earlier than ever for me. I’m doing the nationwide tour and the focus from audience questions is on two areas – health care reform and self funding. The same people who ask me about reform then follow up with whether self funding is a good move to lower their costs. The interest in self funding is the highest I have seen in my life time so we here at The Phia Group will continue to preach the virtues of this option and how to make it work right.