About The Phia Group

The Phia Group, LLC is an experienced provider of healthcare cost containment techniques offering comprehensive consulting services, plan document drafting, subrogation and overpayment recovery, claim negotiation, plan defense, designed to control costs and protect plan assets.  

Phia Group Team Photo Outdoors

Our Mission
To reduce the cost of healthcare through innovative technologies, legal expertise, and focused, flexible customer service. By providing the industry with best practices and staying true to a forward thinking methodology, The Phia Group boasts an all-encompassing cost containment program for the ever-changing healthcare industry.
Our Vision
Create and enhance innovative tools for cost savings and opportunities through expert consultation, plan document services, claims recovery, negotiation, and advocacy to defend the plan. These pillars are the legs upon which The Phia Group stands, and are necessary to be the leading cost containment and consulting firm in the health insurance industry.