A Message From our CEO: Adam V. Russo, Esq.

We support employment-based group health insurance and are confident that self-funded health plans lead the way.  A recent report states that employee-based health insurance represents over 65% of the total market (a marked increase from when it was 55% in 2006), and the number of individuals covered under self-insured plans has increased.  Employment-based group health insurance is an American tradition, pursued in the spirit of free choice, protecting our families and growing our businesses.  The Phia Group believes that all employers have the right to offer benefits to their employees.  Employers have for generations obtained and crafted benefit health plans meant to maximize coverage and minimize costs to attract and retain talented employees. By implementing innovative cost containment measures, health plans thrive without increasing costs.
Ensuring every American is insured is not enough ... we need to reduce the cost of care.  Some reports indicate that healthcare spending has historically increased by 5.4 percent each year, and is showing no sign of slowing.  Seemingly unfettered pricing and rising costs are imposed upon benefit plan sponsors, who are expected to do more with less.  Merely securing insurance for all Americans doesn’t address this trend; among medical bankruptcy filers, most (three-quarters) had health insurance.  If the price itself isn't reduced, we will all eventually pay the cost.    
At Phia, we do what we do because healthcare is worth protecting.  The Phia Group is here to change the game.  With The Phia Group's services in place, costs are reduced, funds are protected, and sponsors pool their experiences to navigate the complex world of healthcare. We invite you to learn with us, plan with us, save with us, and protect the plan.  

I am proud to say we live up to our mission every day and The Phia Group is truly Empowering Plans!

 Adam Russo Digital Signature