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When, in 2010, Meritain Health decided to shop its claim recovery services for the first time in 4 years, The Phia Group, LLC presented a high-energy, professional proposal that exceeded all others. They provided lofty goals and felt they would exceed them in short time. Meritain decided to have concurrent vendors compete and see if Phia could produce the results that they promised. In very short order, they did and became our single subrogation vendor. Their hard work, knowledge, and dedication to us is unlike other vendors we have utilized, and we strongly recommend their services to anyone who wishes to provide a real value-add to their clients.

Christopher Chapman
Subrogation Manager

I’m just so proud of Phia from where they have started to where they are today. They are our biggest resource in our industry, from the start of subrogation, to plan documents, to consulting, and now with claim repricing and support.  Phia always delivers exceptional service and they stand by their work.

Paul Wann
Chief Operating Officer
Health Plans Inc.

I have been COO to three different TPAs in the last 25 years, and each time I made a change to a TPA, I took Phia with me. I have never been disappointed in the quality of their service or their content.  They have become more innovative each year without losing the personal touch they have with their clients.

Ronnie Brown
Chief Operating Officer
Marpai, Inc.

The Phia Group is a trusted and valuable partner to Cobalt Benefits Group. They provide thought leadership and timely solutions and have been a tremendous resource to our company over the years.

Jim Brown
Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy
Cobalt Benefits Group, LLC

Working with The Phia Group has been awesome. They empower our appeals team in creating documents and assisting with some of our determination letters. It has been very helpful, and I appreciate them.

MIchael Hicks
Manager, Claims Operations
Healthcare Management Administrators

As a small TPA without a compliance department, our TPA relies heavily on the ICE product to provide quick answers and help with issues as they come up on a day-to-day basis as it relates to compliance, SPDs.

Christopher Manzi
Pequot Health Care

The Phia Group is always quick to respond to any questions we have and have always gone over and above to read between the lines on questions I do not know how to ask. We also utilize the ICE services, and they spell things out clearly, and get back to us with insightful answers that help us internally and our clients.

Christine LaForest
Sales Operations Manager
UltraBenefits, Inc.

The Phia Group is a technology-driven partner and is really dedicated to making the member experience better, and that is, ultimately, for all of us in this industry, the best thing.

Rachel Lanser
Chief Client Officer
Virtual Benefits Administrator Software

The Phia Group has not rested on their laurels and in fact are taking their technology platform to the next level.  I’m excited about our partnership together. It’s going to be a wonderful next couple of years in terms of providing cost containment services across the United States to people that really need them.

Daniel Schwartz
Chief Executive Officer & President
Healthcare Recovery Solutions, LLC

MedBen's relationship with The Phia Group has been a very good one. Their subrogation services have been better than our previous vendor, as promised, but it has been their counsel that has differentiated The Phia Group from other organizations. If we have questions about plan language, they provide expert guidance. When we have run into ERISA issues, we have relied upon their experts. They have explained thorny issues to our groups, given us ideas for new products, and provided expert advice that has never led us astray. The service from The Phia Group is first rate. They make themselves available to us very quickly. Their team is very accessible, friendly and helpful. In short, we have been delighted with our relationship.

Kurt Harden
President, COO & Treasurer

The Phia Group is the best in class, it’s the top, it’s the very best in what they do in finding incredible value for their clients and in their ability to really make an impactful difference in obtaining amazing results and saving a lot of money for companies.

Arthur Luxenburg
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Weitz & Luxenberg

I have been working with Phia for over 10 years now, and I appreciate their innovation and their ability to continually evolve their cost-containment product solutions to support Third-Party Administrators.

Amanda Guinan

Vice President, Compliance & Business Development
Custom Design Benefits

The Phia Group is one of our most active and engaged Self-Insurance Institute of America members. The company consistently supports the association in a variety of ways and by doing so has established itself as an industry leader.

Mike Ferguson
Chief Operation Officer
Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc.

The Phia Group has done wonderful things for RCI with compliance; without Phia I would be lost. Phia is awesome.

Becky Spencer
Plan Document Writer
Regional Care, Inc.