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When, in 2010, Meritain Health decided to shop its claim recovery services for the first time in 4 years, The Phia Group, LLC presented a high-energy, professional proposal that exceeded all others. They provided lofty goals and felt they would exceed them in short time. Meritain decided to have concurrent vendors compete and see if Phia could produce the results that they promised. In very short order, they did and became our single subrogation vendor. Their hard work, knowledge, and dedication to us is unlike other vendors we have utilized, and we strongly recommend their services to anyone who wishes to provide a real value-add to their clients.

Christopher Chapman
Subrogation Manager

Gilsbar thanks The Phia Group for all of the hard work they put in for us. Every time we submit a request or question, we get a nearly immediate response. The research that goes into our requests is amazingly thorough and spot on. We base important decisions on the research and opinions that The Phia Group provides, feeling confident and well-informed. It's so refreshing to get such personal and prompt service; making us feel like we are their most important client. That's a great feeling!

deCha Sanson
Contracts & Compliance

The Phia Group has been our peace of mind with our self-funded clients. Supporting us with our cost containment measures has been huge. For any of our clients, having The Phia Group in our pocket and access to them, when those questions inevitably come up, it’s a quick email away and a speedy response of knowing how to then consult with our clients.

Courtney Schwagler
Director of health Strategy
Advanced Benefits

We definitely value our Phia Group relationships. Specifically, they’ve been a huge help on multiple occasions with eligibility issues and stop loss, making sure that we align with our plan documents and also just giving us the peace of mind with our third party administration and plan documents with stop loss and all the vendor partnersthey make sure our contracts all align with one another.

Jean Paul Dupin
Chief Strategy Officer
Advanced Benefits

For more than a decade SISC has utilized The Phia Groups services. The Phia Group consistently goes above and beyond their contractual obligations. When they identify potential for additional savings, they quickly and professionally act on the matter. They also actively seek out opportunities to provide additional resources to our organization. We truly value their innovative dedication, dependability, straightforwardness and honesty. They are easy to work with and willing to take the time to discuss our concerns. We are confident in recommending their services and strongly encourage others to utilize The Phia Group.

Nicole Henry
Health Benefits Coordinator

For nearly two decades, The Phia Group has been a fantastic partner. Our clients have saved or recovered a significant amount of money thanks to their efforts. The Phia Group has assisted, consulted with, and resolved a number of claims issues for Health Plans over the years. In addition to the savings generated and the expertise they provide, what sets The Phia Group apart from other vendor partners is their commitment to customer service. Finally, the information provided is thorough, well researched and meets our expectations.

Christopher Parr
Vice President of Operations
Health Plans, Inc

Since 2004, Auxiant is proud to have partnered with The Phia Group. Their passion for excellence is evident in everything they do and is shared by all their employees. We noticed the passion when we first learned about their services and we continue to see the passion to this day. Auxiant chooses our business partners carefully and with an expectation that they will continuously improve. Phia has exceeded our expectations. Funds recovered continue to increase, and services offered continue to grow, creating new added value for our clients. Service from The Phia Group is consistently outstanding, responses are received in a timely manner, staff are knowledgeable and willing to assist in any way they can, and they are committed to helping clients improve efficiently, operationally, and profitably. They are one of the reasons Auxiant is successful and an industry leading TPA. We look forward to many more years of our successful partnership.

Steve Chapman
Chief Operating Officer

The personalized attention we receive on our account, the sensitivity to customized responses that are requested by our clients, and The Phia Groups memoranda regarding technical changes in the field have been impressive. As president of a company that also specializes in service and customization, I recognize a company committed to service when I see one! For a TPA looking for subrogation, cost containment, plan and consulting services I would certainly highly recommend The Phia Group. In comparison to other firms we have used, The Phia Groups results and reporting is equal to or exceeds the best in the business.

David Pagniucci
CBA Blue

Sun Life is pleased to report about the amazing job The Phia Group has done. Recently Sun Life was selected as a finalist to provide services to a key prospects board of directors. During our finalist meeting the board asked Sun Life how we would handle eligibility concerns. Our response depended upon Sun Life's great partnership with The Phia Group. We reached out to The Phia Group, which provided great insight and incredible consultative advice. The head of the board was extremely thankful because he was not aware of the potential liability that he would be subject to as a plan fiduciary; something brought to light by The Phia Group. They were so impressed, they requested additional information, which we in turn sought to obtain from The Phia Group. The turnaround was provided within one day and the content was excellent. Our number one goal is be consultative and assist our customers. We truly felt that the work of The Phia Group contributed to that goal. These types of situations separate us from the competition.

Adam Noce
Senior Stop-Loss Sales Representative
Sun Life

MedBen's relationship with The Phia Group has been a very good one. Their subrogation services have been better than our previous vendor, as promised, but it has been their counsel that has differentiated The Phia Group from other organizations. If we have questions about plan language, they provide expert guidance. When we have run into ERISA issues, we have relied upon their experts. They have explained thorny issues to our groups, given us ideas for new products, and provided expert advice that has never led us astray. The service from The Phia Group is first rate. They make themselves available to us very quickly. Their team is very accessible, friendly and helpful. In short, we have been delighted with our relationship.

Kurt Harden
President, COO & Treasurer

The Phia Groups services, presentations, and events are the most beneficial HealthCare Solutions Group has attended in years. Fortunately we brought our management team and they were exposed to a wealth of information and expertise firsthand, in an amazing setting.

Marilyn Palmieri
President and CEO
HealthCare Solutions Group

Even though our customers know that plan documents are their responsibility, they rely heavily upon us for guidance, fulfillment and creation of those plan documents. Through our arrangement with The Phia Group, we have been able to further define our role and provide services that we are confident include the most up-to-date compliance considerations.

Terry Lovekamp
Chief Administrative Officer
Consociate Group

The Phia Group is one of our most active and engaged Self-Insurance Institute of America members. The company consistently supports the association in a variety of ways and by doing so has established itself as an industry leader.

Mike Ferguson
Chief Operation Officer
Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc.

Adam, you have built a team that is so easy to trust because no matter the question, Phia’s responses are always well reasoned and backed up with facts.  Phia is exciting to work with because your work is so revolutionary and sorely needed in this industry.  Hines & Associates would be proud to recommend The Phia Group to any customer who has a need of Phia’s available services.

Tammi Thomos
Corporate Accountant
Hines & Associates, Inc.