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Jimmy Carter’s Complicated Healthcare Legacy

On March 21, 2023
In the Bicentennial Summer of 1976—during which Jimmy Carter was campaigning for president—there was nonstop pageantry. Patriotism reached fever pitch as parade floats washed in red, white, and blue streamed through smalltown America while Uncle Sam-inspired merchandise flooded the shelves of department stores across the entire union. But overshadowed by the unprecedented amount of hoopla was the sobering reality that the then-two-century-old nation had a broken healthcare system: at this moment in time, 26 million Americans lacked health insurance altogether while another 28 million possessed only minimal coverage. And Carter, who grew up on a backwoods Georgia peanut farm with neither running water nor electricity, sympathized with the plight of the working poor by endorsing the concept that America needed universal healthcare coverage—to the extent that it was economically (and politically) feasible.

Monetary Relief for Diabetic Americans | The Phia Group

On March 14, 2022
Learn about the legislation introduced to ease the financial burden on millions of diabetic Americans by capping insulin prices at 35 dollars per month.

Drug Pricing Still on the Ballot in 2020

On September 24, 2020
The cost of prescription drugs continues to be a source of financial pain for households, making drug pricing reform a critical election topic. Learn more.

Empowering Plans: P85 - Catching up with the Courts

On July 10, 2020
Check out Phia Group's latest discussion about recent high-profile court cases that could shape our industry: from requiring hospitals to post their negotiated rates with insurers online to the Trump administration's latest action in the Supreme Court case.

I Got a Fever, and the Only Prescription is More Transparency

On January 23, 2020
A key part of the Administration's strategy to reduce health care costs involves increasing transparency in the healthcare industry. Learn More.

Embracing the Pain, Avoiding the Suffering

On January 6, 2020
The phrase "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional" fits perfectly when discussing the health benefits industry & healthcare as a whole. Read how.

Prescription Drug Pricing – On a Back Burner, but Still on the Stove

On December 18, 2019
The major sticking point in the USMCA negotiations appears to be the debate around the trade deal’s prescription drug provisions. Learn more.

The Tower of Babel – Talking Heads Talking Past Each Other

On October 31, 2019
As the 2020 Presidential Election approaches, healthcare is one issue that everyone is talking about; but are they speaking the same language?

The “Greatest of Three” Rule & Barriers to Compliance

On October 17, 2019
Seeing a plan get sued over a denial isn't good, but can compel useful guidance. The issue is its failure to provide information needed to comply.

Clearly it’s (Not) Transparency

On March 5, 2018
If the consumer of healthcare (the patient) is different than the purchaser of healthcare (the plan or insurance carrier), how will knowing the price change the consumer’s behavior?

Phia Undercover: Two Chargemasters at Addiction Centers

On November 1, 2017
Phia shares a recent experience dealing with a high rate biller and how they were able to rethink the process to close the accounts for a fair rate.

In God We Trust; All Others Pay CASH…I wish…

On September 25, 2017
Do healthcare providers offer discounts for cash payment? Learn more about the growing rate of physicians in the US who contract directly with their patients.

Reverse Medical Tourism

On July 31, 2017
Medical tourism offers many cost-containment options in reducing health care costs. Find out if this makes sense for you.

It’s Time for a Wake-Up Call!

On June 26, 2017
Learn more about how to educate your employees and get them involved in making healthy choices to benefit themselves and their healthcare costs.

Bite the Hand

On May 30, 2017
Ron Peck, Esq. discusses the issue of private payers being charged inflated amounts and what the future can hold. Read more today.