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RBP: Sticking It To The Man

On March 18, 2019
Employers primarily choose to utilize reference-based pricing programs to cut costs. Learn more about the real benefits of these methodologies.

Stop-Loss: The Forgotten Player in the Reference Based Pricing Game

On December 20, 2018
Learn why you need to put stop-loss high up on the laundry list of considerations when choosing to adopt referenced-based-pricing.

Empowering Plans: P40 - Reference Based Pricing - Yeah, You Know Me

On May 17, 2018
In this episode, The Phia Group chats once again with one of their Partners in Empowerment, Gregory S. Everett, President and CEO of Payer Compass. Greg addresses all of our hosts’ questions regarding reference based pricing, balance billing, the value of physician networks, and the future of RBP.

The Reference Based Pricing Stew

On January 17, 2018
Reference-based pricing tends to be something you will love or hate. It is put together like a stew by compiling a ton of different ideas which can result in good stew or a very bland one. It can become very complex due to the industry and other factors. Read more about RBP with The Phia Group

Reference Based Pricing Bloopers & Blunders

On August 28, 2017
Find out what to focus on and what to avoid when setting up your company's health plan reference based pricing. Learn more today.