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Letter from The Phia Group’s editior, Andrew Milesky

The winds of change are coming, and they blow closer than ever. It seems so recent that we were all looking forward to 2014, and feeling confident that we had plenty of time to get things in order and prepare – both financially and in terms of compliance – to address President Obama’s sweeping healthcare[insurance] reform law. Yet here we are, clueless as ever and full implementation looming.

Since the passing of the law, various waves of reform have impacted our industry, sending many of our clients into panic mode as they hustle and bustle to update their plans and implement measures to ensure compliance. At this point, SBCs seem like a thing of the past; as new “bigger and badder” issues arise!

As we sit here, with the air getting a little chillier and January 1st getting a little closer, we once again await our inevitable lives without pre-existing exclusions, no more than 90 day waiting periods, no annual limits on essential health benefits, and for some of us a change in clinical trial coverage.

But let’s not rush to winter; the fall is upon us and that means conference season is too. As we do each year, we road warriors head out to the major industry events to talk and listen; to address your greatest concerns. This interaction is invaluable to us; so when you see us, please let us know how we can help. It is your concerns, your requests, and your pleas that inspire us to research and develop new services and cost containment strategies focused on growing your businesses.

The time to chat is now! There has never been a more appropriate time to tell us how we can help and for us to be your strategic partner. The potential for financial burdens on plans means we must seek new and innovative ways to save our clients money, and ensure the preservation of our industry.

The use of strong, effective plan language can be the first step to maximizing plan benefits and savings. A successful claims recovery process to ensure every recoupable dollar spent is placed back in the mix for future health claims, is another step you must take – and something we are happy to assist with.

If you have yet to work with The Phia Group, now might be a great time to start. We are here for the long run and are dedicated to the growth and stability of the employer based health benefits industry.