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Canadian Drug Importation – Back on Track (but not for everyone)

On July 19, 2021
Initially, a July 2020 Trump executive order directed HHS to develop regulations under which states, Indian tribes, “and in certain future circumstances pharmacists and wholesalers” could develop and submit foreign drug importation programs for approval. The regulations in question appeared on September 24, 2020, and states quickly began developing and submitting plans for approval. However, to date, none have been approved.

Good to Be Back

On June 10, 2021
Regardless of whether you are an employer, or service employers, or both (like The Phia Group), one question keeps popping up. As restrictions are lifted in each State, people find themselves emerging from their basement offices. This, then, begs the question amongst employers: “When do we have employees return to the office? What can we do to incentivize them to return to the office? Can we force them to return to the office?”

MHPAEA Compliance: The Dreaded NQTL Analysis

On June 1, 2021
The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (or MHPAEA) now requires health plans to “show their work” and perform a comprehensive NQTL analysis of the health plan itself. That sentence means different things to different people; many, including me, groan from the general lack of regulatory guidance and somewhat vague rules regarding what the analysis entails. We know the basics, sure, but that’s sort of all we’ve been told.

The Supreme Court Takes Up Abortion Rights Once Again

On May 24, 2021
The current lineup on the Supreme Court’s bench leaves it with a six-justice conservative majority, meaning the cases it takes up will almost certainly move American jurisprudence decidedly to the right. This shift is visible in not merely the opinions this majority writes, but also in the types of cases the Court decides to hear.

HHS Resolves the Conflict – Sex Discrimination Includes Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

On May 11, 2021
Reversing a previous position, the HHS rules that nondiscrimination includes protections of gender identity and sexual orientation. Read more here.

The New Normal… Same as the Old Normal?

On May 10, 2021
Approaching the halfway mark of 2021 lends us the ability to look back at the last year and a half. What behvaiors will last past the pandemic? Read more here.

Revisiting PPO Contracts & Stop-Loss Gaps

On April 26, 2021
It's time to revisit stop-loss insurance and the risks that come with it. Don't get caught off guard by the policy gaps. Read here to know what to expect.

Doe v. United Behavioral Health – A Fiduciary Twist

On April 9, 2021
A lawsuit brought against the United Behavioral Health and United Healthcare Services brings concern to TPAs in California and beyond. Read here for the ruling.

Here for the Long Haul – Are Employers and Plans Ready?

On April 6, 2021
Covid-19 long haulers are an unexplored topic that may be a large problem in the near future. Read here to get a first-hand look of those persistent symptoms.

No Surprises Act & “Plan Websites”

On March 19, 2021
Wondering if health plans should be linked ot the network's site? We have the answer for and against it here to help you understand! Read here to find out.

A COBRA Conundrum

On March 15, 2021
New COBRA rules mean even more confusion for a plan that was already convoluted. The rules continue to update as Covid-19 continues. Read those updates here.

EBSA Provides Clarification and Sows Confusion with Outbreak Period Guidance

On March 8, 2021
The EBSA clarifies its Disaster Relief Notice by stating the relief would end on three options. Find out what those are and what they mean for you.

So the Outbreak Period Ended?

On March 2, 2021
The DOL released an EBSA Disaster Relief Notice which limits agencies' authority by statute and gives people a chance for relief up to a year. Read here.

DON’T PANIC – Mental Health Parity Compliance Expanded

On February 8, 2021
Ease your mind about complying with Section 203 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act. Learn more about this Compliance and its requirements/process.

HIPAA Compliance Audits – Good News and Bad News

On February 1, 2021
The government recently released findings of the extensive HIPAA compliance audit performed in 2016 and 2017. Click to learn more about the results!