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The NBA Health Care Scandal

On October 28, 2021
One person submitted paperwork for $48,000 worth of root canals and crowns on eight teeth at a Beverly Hills dental office--while he was living in Taiwan. Another individual filed a $19,000 claim for chiropractic services that he (allegedly) never received. And then there were suspicious invoices, filled in with (again, allegedly) fraudulent dates and account numbers, one of which was filed for services in a "wellness office" that specialized in "sexual health, anti-aging, and general well-being."

The Needle of Damocles: OSHA’s Anticipated Vaccine Rules

On October 27, 2021
President Biden’s Department of Labor (DOL) is tasked with developing requirements employers with 100 or more employees to follow. Click to read more!

A Teaser! A Rose by Any Other Name…

On October 15, 2021
If a plan beneficiary felt their claim was underpaid it was due for an appeal. With the ACA's introduction, the volume of appeals increased. Read more today!

Dialysis Carve-Outs and Network Contracts: Like Oil and Water

On September 30, 2021
Many plans choose to "carve out" dialysis claims, or pay them at a different rate than other claims but it can become a problem depending. Find out how.

Covid-19 Vaccine Boosters – Are they Ethical?

On September 17, 2021
Throughout the day, the FDA will be discussing whether the general American public should start getting COVID-19 vaccine booster doses. Find out more here.

Biden Administration Announces Sweeping New Vaccine Mandates

On September 10, 2021
On September 9, 2021, President Biden announced his COVID-19 Action Plan. Read more to see what mandates he plans to carry out.

The Status of Major Legal Challenges to the ACA

On August 25, 2021
"On June 17, 2021, the Supreme Court dismissed the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) in a 7-2 decision. See what they had to say why.

A Failure to Communicate

On August 13, 2021
What is insurance? Why are there problems with health insurance in the U.S.? Read about the healthcare system and insurance through the lense of COVID-19.

Canadian Drug Importation – Back on Track (but not for everyone)

On July 19, 2021
The Biden administration is likely to uphold a Trump administration executive order to approve certain legal foreign drug importation programs. Learn more.

Good to Be Back

On June 10, 2021
Virtual work, hybrid work or in-office work: what's the best decision? Our advice: focus on the 'why', not the 'how'. Read more about our return to office.

MHPAEA Compliance: The Dreaded NQTL Analysis

On June 1, 2021
The MHPAEA now requires NQTL analyses: need help understanding the policy or analysis guidelines? Contact The Phia Group today.

The Supreme Court Takes Up Abortion Rights Once Again

On May 24, 2021
The Supreme Court is again revisiting the Roe v. Wade decision. With a conservative majority, the Court's decision could overturn precedents. Read more.

HHS Resolves the Conflict – Sex Discrimination Includes Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

On May 11, 2021
HHS resolved Section 1557's nondiscrimination policies. The interpretation rules that sex discrimination applies to sexual & gender identity. Read more.

The New Normal… Same as the Old Normal?

On May 10, 2021
Approaching the halfway mark of 2021 lends us the ability to look back at the last year and a half. What behvaiors will last past the pandemic? Read more here.

Revisiting PPO Contracts & Stop-Loss Gaps

On April 26, 2021
It's time to revisit stop-loss insurance and the risks that come with it. Don't get caught off guard by the policy gaps. Read here to know what to expect.