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Phia Document Management (PDM)

The Phia Group has created the industry’s benchmark for top-notch plan document language; ensuring compliance with all regulations, while implementing cost containment provisions. Phia Document Management (or “PDM”) – proprietary SAAS – enables plans to create, edit, and manage plan documents, while promoting the industry’s best practices and an all-encompassing cost containment program.

The Phia Group’s proprietary market-leading software combines a client-tailored approach with efficient automated plan document creation, built for today’s unique plan design needs.

  • Online Access to The Phia Group’s Industry Acclaimed Plan Language
  • Updates to Ensure Regulatory & Legislative Compliance 
  • Best-in-Class Plan Verbiage and Templates
  • Collaborative Approach to Document Population & Drafting Options
  • Produce Plans Efficiently & Effectively
  • Focus on the Language That Matters

With PDM, clients can create an assortment of documents:

  • Plan Document & Summary Plan Description (PD/SPD) Medical, Prescription, Dental, Vision & Short-Term Disability 
  • Reference-Based Price (RBP) Plan Documents
  • Wrap Document Drafting
  • Preventative Care Only / MEC “Skinny” Documents
  • Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)
  • The Phia Group’s Flagship “Best-in-Class” Template Plan Document