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Plan Drafting Services

By combining cutting edge technology with forward thinking creativity and a client-centric, customized approach, The Phia Group strengthens your plan’s rights while ensuring you have best-in-class language. In addition to helping employers transition to self-funding, The Phia Group’s experts help current self-funded plans maintain the integrity of their existing benefit structure in an enhanced template plan document.

There are times when plan documents, stop-loss policies, networks, employee handbooks, and service agreements don’t align, claims go unpaid and ­financial ruin becomes possible. Our “Gap Free Review” service compares pertinent documents to ensure uniform coverage and financial security. Furthermore, our “Leave of Absence Review” functions to ensure plan documents, employee handbooks, and applicable stop-loss policies align with leave policies so as to avoid coverage gaps (an increasingly prevalent concern), and compliance and fiduciary liability issues.

*Note that our analysis is limited to eligibility for health benefits and those benefits which directly impact health insurance coverage or continuation of coverage (such as a leave of absence). We do not consider whether employee groups are entitled to other benefits, such as life insurance, private disability insurance, social security disability insurance, overtime compensation, workers’ compensation, retirement benefits, or fringe benefits.