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Plan with us - Plan Drafting Services
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“Setting the Industry Standard for Plan Language™” by combining cutting edge technology with forward thinking creativity, and a client-centric customized approach.

Plan Document Assistance and Collaboration

Regardless of how you choose to develop your plan document, The Phia Group’s team of plan drafting experts is available to assist in the process. Our team will ensure that your language is best-in-class, your questions are answered accurately, and that your plan drafting experience proceeds smoothly.

Some employers are looking to self-fund for the first time, while others are approaching self-funding with an existing policy or plan document. If you have a plan document or insurance policy, whose terms are acceptable, but need improvement to stay viable, The Phia Group’s team of expert plan drafters can maintain the integrity of the existing benet structure and limitations in a new and improved template plan document.

All Plan Document Review, Revision, and Drafting

We combine a forward thinking ideology with years of experience to analyze benet plan documents, identify areas of concern, make recommendations, and apply strategies to strengthen plan rights.    

Gap Free Review

When plan documents, stop-loss policies, networks, employee handbooks, and service agreements fail to align, claims go unpaid and nancial ruin is a real possibility. By comparing pertinent documents to ensure uniform coverage, nancial security and a smooth operation are assured.

Phia Certification

Any self-funded plan document can become Phia Certified. The Phia Group will review plan documents to ensure they meet our stringent standards. A tangible report card is produced to identify areas of need and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 
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