“Like all of our services, our subrogation process is innovative, ever evolving and unmatched by our competitors. The goal is to make sure that the right people pay the right amount in the right order.”

Vice President, Legal Recovery Services


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Offer flexible service options driven by client needs, innovative methods to identify more opportunities and master applicable laws, yielding results unmatched by anyone else.

The Phia Group identifies more opportunities to recoup funds and recovers more on a per case basis, consistently outperforming the competition. Thousands of organizations have decided to stop struggling with subrogation in-house, or have left their current subrogation service providers to join The Phia Group, subsequently enjoying incredible gains.


Subrogation & Third Party Reimbursements

The Phia Group’s clients enjoy attorney consultation, considered throughout the industry to be the most innovative leaders practicing today.  Our team also reviews existing plans, with an eye towards improving each plan’s subrogation rights.

  • The Phia System™ Enhances Recoveries through Advanced Case Detection Technology
  • Opportunities Identified Through Multifaceted Investigation Techniques and Resources
  • Cross Referencing with Litigation Databases and Social Media for Detailed Investigations
  • An “Event” Based Approach Results in Less Noise for Plan Participants
  • The Industry’s Most Certified Subrogation Recovery Professionals

Overpayment Recoupment

Regardless of the cause, excess payments are pursued by overpayment recovery specialists. A team dedicated to recovering funds from providers understands the intricacies of the refund recoupment process, working towards unrivaled results.

Class Actions Recovery Services, Toxic Tort, Product Recalls, & Claim Recovery Services

Some opportunities are less obvious than others. Superior subrogation results are attributed to identification of more claim recovery opportunities and maximization of the funds recovered in each case. We always strive to produce ever improving results by innovating, and focusing on both our knowledge and technology.  Keeping in-line with this philosophy, claims subrogation and recovery are now run through a second proprietary system to specifically identify instances where a participant utilized medication, products, or was exposed to toxic substances, that are now featured in some form of class action, recall, or litigation – presenting opportunities to recoup funds for the plan.

Litigation & Attorney Retention

There are times when even the most skilled claims recovery specialists cannot secure reimbursement.  In those instances where litigation is absolutely necessary to recoup funds, options are presented and The Phia Group spearheads efforts to secure legal representation for their benefit plan client in the proper jurisdiction and venue. No cost is incurred without first obtaining plan approval, and The Phia Group accesses the nation’s most impressive network of subrogation litigators at the best possible rates.