2023 Health & Welfare Benefit Plan Incentive Programs

EOB's - Review your EOB's, report issues to HR, receive 20% of plan savings!

Choosing A Provider:

Direct Primary Care (DPC) - 24/7 physician services with no out of pocket cost.
Rightway - Use the app to find the best value in highest quality providers.
Diapers & Wipes -  Get $300/month if you utilize a preferred hospital for pregnancy and delivery.
Imaging (MRI, CT, and PET Scans) - Co-pays waived when using an independent*, freestanding facility.
Urgent Care - Co-pays waived when using an independent facility.

RX: Avoid co-pays and get 20% of savings when you...

Scripta - Switch to an equally effective less costly medication identified by Scripta.
Less Costly Options - Purchase your medication via less costly alternatives such as (AmazonRX).
*Contact HR to confirm provider status and/or if you have any questions.