Member's Area

Dear Member:

Your health plan has partnered with The Phia Group, a firm specializing in the reduction of healthcare costs, to handle your plan’s subrogation and/or reimbursement efforts.  Subrogation and reimbursement are ways that your health plan reduces plan costs without reducing your benefits.

Provisions can be found in your plan document that allow the plan to be reimbursed for claims paid, when and if another party is responsible for payment of the same claims.  The Phia Group collects details relating to medical services you received to help protect your plan’s assets and to ensure no one else should be paying your claims. The Phia Group’s efforts ensure that money recovered goes back to the plan to be used again for payment of other medical claims.

If you have any questions regarding The Phia Group’s services or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Representatives toll-free at 888-986-0080.

“The Phia Group encourages innovation. Each day is a new day to improve & create great opportunities for us and our clients. Big or small, every idea is taken into consideration for the greater good.”