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  • Empowering Plans: P183 – The Therapeutic Equivalence Approach: A New “Pill”ar of Contraceptive Coverage
    February 29, 2024
    The DOL recently issued new guidance on the long-standing contraceptive coverage mandate, and this time they took a different approach. Instead of clarifying prior guidance or issuing novel interpretations of the law, the DOL is giving health plans an alternative way to comply with the contraceptive coverage mandate: either follow the prior guidance issued in 2022… or don’t! The DOL introduced the “therapeutic equivalence” approach, whereby plans can comply with the law in a different, potentially less-burdensome way. Join The Phia Group’s Kendall Jackson and Jon Jablon as they discuss this “therapeutic equivalence” approach to compliance, what it means for consumers, and what it means for health plans.
  • Empowering Plans: P182 – Navigating Post-Settlement Fund Pursuits
    February 15, 2024
    Attorneys Andrew Silverio and Cindy Merrell discuss a newly decided case which provides a roadmap for pursuing settlement funds after disbursement. Who has the burden of proof when the funds have been dissipated? What is lowest intermediate balance rule?
  • Empowering Plans: P181 – Chevron Deference in Peril – What It Could Mean for Healthcare Regulations
    February 1, 2024
    In this episode of the Empowering Plans podcast, attorneys Brady Bizarro and Brian O’Hara discuss the legal doctrine involved in two cases now before the Supreme Court – Chevron deference. They’ll explain what it means, why it is important for federal agency action, and how it impacts the entire healthcare industry. With a decision expected by this summer, you do not want to miss our take on how the NSA, the Medicare drug price negotiations, and the ACA itself could be at stake.
  • Empowering Plans: P180 – The Continuing Evolution of MHPAEA
    January 18, 2024
    One might think they’re listening to a broken record when hearing Jennifer McCormick and Kelly Dempsey discuss the ever-shifting landscape of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA), but alas, this is a brand new podcast! As we start 2024, we are reframing our mindset and are making some changes to address the evolving MHPAEA regulations and insights we have received from regulating bodies through the NQTL Comparative Analysis Process. In addition to highlighting the significance of how these issues should be addressed within an employer’s PD/SPD, there are three main changes discussed to create visibility for employers creating new 2024 PD/SPDs.
  • Empowering Plans: P179 – Higher Healthcare Prices (Made From Concentrate)
    January 4, 2024
    The trend of provider consolidation is primed to pick up pace in 2024, distilling some areas into even more highly concentrated healthcare markets. Ron Peck and Nick Bonds break down how this concentration impacts the costs of healthcare and can drive costs upward for employers and employees alike. With fewer provider options, higher prices, and patients caught in the middle, Ron and Nick outline just a few of their concerns and discuss some of the tools health plans have at their disposal.
  • Empowering Plans: P178 – Back to December (Phia’s Version)
    December 21, 2023
    It is the last podcast of the year, and you know All Too Well that it is Phia’s 2023 year-in-review! Sparks Fly as Kendall Jackson and Corey Crigger talk about how Everything in PGC and Provider Relations Has Changed in 2023. If you need to catch up on anything from the No Surprises Act to Gag Clause Attestations, You Need To Calm Down and Stay Stay Stay tuned into this podcast episode. In addition to the big changes in 2023, we look forward to 2024 and ask, are you … Ready For It?
  • Empowering Plans: P177 – Entering the Danger Zone: Cross-Plan Offsetting
    December 8, 2023
    Attorneys Jon Jablon and Cindy Merrell discuss the practice of cross-plan offsetting and the recent settlement between the Department of Labor and EmblemHealth Inc. Who wins and who loses when a TPA decides to use cross-plan offset?
  • Empowering Plans: P176 – Copay Accumulator Programs Take a Hit: What’s Next?
    November 21, 2023
    Attorneys Brady Bizarro and Andrew Silverio discuss a recent federal court decision that saw drug manufacturers and patients alike score a win against copay accumulator programs – programs that help maximize the manufacturer assistance available to patients but decline to count those amounts toward deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums. With the latest rule being struck down, where does the law stand now and what will happen next?
  • Empowering Plans: P175 – No Surprises Act Brings More Surprises & Other Surprises for 2024
    November 9, 2023
    Join Provider Relations Senior Attorney, Brian O’Hara, and Vice President of Consulting, Kelly Dempsey, for a quick rundown of changes to be prepared for as we near 2024. While there are the regular recurring changes to ACA and IRS out-of-pocket limits, this podcast will uncover a couple lesser-known items hidden in some NSA proposed rules and a couple other items for 2024 that might have fallen off the radar, including COVID-19 tolling requirements. (COVID may be over but the impact on certain items could extend well into 2024…).
  • Empowering Plans: P174 – PCORI and Parity and Lawsuits, Oh My!
    October 26, 2023
    It’s the spookiest time of the year, and I’m not just talking about renewal season. In this Halloween episode of the Empowering Plans podcast, Jennifer McCormick and Nick Bonds talk through some of the scary issues creeping up on health plans: rising PCORI fees, proposed regulations on mental health parity rules, and two fascinating court cases that may have significant implications for ERISA plans going forward. But don’t be scared, Phia is here to help!
  • Empowering Plans: P173 – Gene-y in a Bottle: A Magical Overview of Cell and Gene Therapy
    October 12, 2023
    Your wish is our command! Join Ron Peck and Corey Crigger as they discuss how this emerging treatment can impact self-funded health plans. With prices as high as $3.5 million, you can’t just wish for a strategy for dealing with these therapies, you must plan for it. Ron and Corey discuss the motivations to cover, the future benefits, and the concerns they are hearing from clients. You don’t know what we can see, so join us on a magic carpet ride around this life saving, but costly treatment.
  • Empowering Plans: P172 – Navigating the Gag Clause Prohibition
    September 28, 2023
    In this installment of The Phia Group’s Empowering Plans podcast, attorneys Jon Jablon and Kendall Jackson delve into the issue of the gag clause prohibition, a mysterious law that continues to confound the self-funded industry. With the first attestation requirement approaching at the end of 2023, now is the time to make sure you know what needs to be done, how to do it, and how to keep yourself safe and compliant.
  • Empowering Plans: P171 – Mass Torts 101
    September 15, 2023
    From time to time, do you hear about mass torts in the news but feel like you could use a little more background knowledge? Look no further than the latest edition of the Empowering Plans podcast series, (“Mass Torts 101”) in which attorneys Cindy Merrell and Lisa Hill explain the difference between the two types of mass tort cases -- class action and multidistrict litigation (MDL) – while delving into a couple of the larger MDLs making news of late.
  • Empowering Plans: P170 – PSA on the NSA
    August 31, 2023
    It’s 10’o clock, do you know where your IDR determinations are? Join Attorneys Brian O’Hara and Corey Crigger as they issue a public service announcement on the state of the No Surprises Act, and specifically the challenges with the IDR process. Friends don’t let friends miss this podcast! In addition to the PSA on NSA, Corey discusses a case study highlighting the benefits of the Safeguard Program. Just Say No to skipping this episode of Empowering Plans.
  • Empowering Plans: P169 – Let’s Keep Learning - Back to (Law) School
    August 17, 2023
    In the latest edition of the Empowering Plans podcast series, “Let’s Keep Learning - Back to (Law) School,” Attorneys Kelly Dempsey and Corey Crigger are here to take us all back to school! Listen as they discuss renewal season preparation items and a variety of late breaking lawsuits that pertain to multiple aspects of the self-funded industry. From civil courts hearing cases about NSA administrative issues all the way to ACA compliance (or lack thereof) there is something in this podcast for everyone. Once you listen to the podcast - class dismissed!
  • Empowering Plans: P168 – “Drafting” Plan Exclusions
    August 4, 2023
    In this episode of Empowering Plans, Andrew Silverio and Kevin Brady discuss the unanticipated costs of playing pickleball and then “draft” their favorite (and least favorite) plan limitations and exclusions. Let us know who you think had the better picks!
  • Empowering Plans: P167 – Who is a Fiduciary and Does it Even Matter? Lawsuits Abound!
    July 21, 2023
    In this episode of Empowering Plans, The Phia Group’s Chief Legal Officer – Ron Peck – and Sr. VP of Consulting – Jennifer McCormick, analyze recent lawsuits involving self-funded plan sponsors and their third party administrators, and accusations of fiduciary breach on the part of TPAs. We delve into whether TPAs can be fiduciaries, what this means, and whether it even matters when it comes down to how administrators manage plans. Finally, are plan sponsors signing contracts enabling TPAs to do things contrary to ERISA, and who is to blame when this is the case? Anyone and everyone handling self-funded plan assets needs to tune into this one!
  • Empowering Plans: P166 – Delving Into Dobbs, One Year In
    July 7, 2023
    In the latest episode of Empowering Plans, attorneys Nick Bonds and Kendall Jackson discuss the changes that have occurred in the past year following the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs. How will new abortion laws affect self-funded plans and what are the implications for their participants? Tune in to learn how plans can navigate these changes.
  • Empowering Plans: P165 – Artificial Intelligence Meets Subrogation
    June 26, 2023
    We are halfway through 2023, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) remains one of the year’s hottest topics, particularly in the worlds of business and healthcare. In the latest edition of The Phia Group’s Empowering Plans podcast, Attorneys Jon Jablon and Cindy Merrell zero in on how AI could have a monumental impact on the field of subrogation within the larger context of healthcare law.
  • Empowering Plans: P164 – The Key to a Successful Self-funding Experience: Knowledge!
    June 9, 2023
    With many self-funded employers entering the field from a world where their benefits are “set it and forget it,” educating plan sponsors about their obligations, relationships, opportunities, and risks is often the difference between retaining and losing a client. Attorneys Andrew Silverio and Christopher Aguiar muse about the challenges arising when self-funded plans aren’t educated about their benefit offerings, the risk mitigation mechanisms, and the cost containment tools being utilized to ensure the plan’s viability.
  • Empowering Plans: P163 – ChatGPT: Disrupting the Healthcare Industry
    May 19, 2023
    In this episode of the Empowering Plans podcast, attorneys Brady Bizarro and Brian O'Hara provide an overview of ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI, and describe how it is disrupting the healthcare industry. In particular, they focus on one emerging use for the technology - acting as a virtual assistant for patient care. What are the advantages of using AI in this manner? What are the concerns? Tune in for what will be a topic that we revisit in the coming weeks and months!
  • Empowering Plans: P162 – Mind the Gap 2.0: Don’t be Afraid to Ask for a Handbook
    May 12, 2023
    In this episode of Empowering Plans, Kelly Dempsey and Kevin Brady outline the relevant details provided within our Handbook Gap Free Reviews. They provide a description of the service, the case studies which gave rise to this service and describe why a review of the Handbook is more important now than ever before!
  • Empowering Plans: P161 – New Challenges to Old Favorites - NSA, ACA, and more (Acronyms)!
    April 28, 2023
    In their latest podcast, Attorneys Nick Bonds and Corey Crigger are back to discuss the No Surprises Act (NSA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Join them as they provide an overview of each of these laws and the recent legal challenges out of Nick’s home state of Texas. Will payment determinations resume? Has the ACA finally been struck down? Tune in to find out!
  • Empowering Plans: P160 – How the Ending of COVID-era National Emergency Impacts Your Health Plan
    April 18, 2023
    On April 10, President Joe Biden signed a bipartisan congressional resolution to terminate the U.S. national emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic—weeks before the development was supposed to occur in conjunction with a separate public health emergency expiring on May 11. Unsurprisingly, in the wake of such a stunning announcement, group health plans from coast to coast are scrambling to decide whether they must adjust their processes. In the latest Empowering Plan Podcast, Attorney Jennifer McCormick, Senior Vice President, Consulting, and Joanie Verinder, Director, Service Strategist, discuss the sudden end to the National Emergency, the many ways in which health benefit plans are affected, particularly in regards to timelines, and the information their respective participants need to be aware of.
  • Empowering Plans: P159 – Putting the Patient First: Challenges to Common TPA Operations
    March 31, 2023
    In this episode of The Phia Group's Empowering Plans podcast, attorneys Katie Malkin and Jon Jablon take a dive into three aspects of TPA operations designed to try to make the TPA's job more manageable: simplifying EOB denial codes, sending family EOBs, and recouping overpayments by offsetting. These are three common strategies used by TPAs, but applicable law places certain limits on all of them that are not always so intuitive. Tune in as Jon and Katie discuss some best (and worst) practices, and examine critical issues facing TPAs and health plans in today's self-funded industry.
  • Empowering Plans: P158 – Seek and Ye Shall Find
    March 17, 2023
    In the world of subrogation, there’s (almost) always more funds to recover, you just have to go searching for them—even if that means in unconventional places. In their latest podcast, attorneys Chris Aguiar and Cindy Merrell discuss how, particularly in regards to auto accidents involving participants who have substandard coverage, there is a heightened need to capitalize on opportunities for plans to recover funds. Don’t miss Phia’s veteran subrogation attorneys weighing in on how healthcare plans can be reimbursed so that their participants reap long-term benefits.
  • Empowering Plans: P157 – New TPA Liabilities – Section 1557
    March 3, 2023
    One of the healthcare trends we have been following so far in 2023 is expanded TPA liabilities. In this edition of the Empowering Plans podcast, attorneys Brady Bizarro and Andrew Silverio discuss a recent federal court case in which a TPA was found liable for violations of the ACA’s Section 1557. Despite numerous defenses raised by the TPA, many of which we see regularly used by TPAs, the court rejected them all, potentially expanding the scope of Section 1557. Tune in to hear more about this significant case and what it means for our industry.
  • Empowering Plans: P156 – Accommodating Reasonably: Navigating the ADA and PWFA in 2023
    February 16, 2023
    On this episode of Empowering Plans, Kelly Dempsey and Kevin Brady provide some valuable insights into the reasonable accommodation process under the ADA and PWFA. The PWFA, which will be effective this June, expands the scope of existing federal law with respect to accommodating employees with known limitations related to pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions. Tune in to learn why this is important for employers in 2023 and beyond!
  • Empowering Plans: P155 – The State of the Union 2023: Phia’s Take
    February 10, 2023
    The State of the Union has always served as an important bellwether for our country, but also, for our industry, revealing what the current administration’s healthcare policies will be going forward, and in some cases, which ones enjoy bipartisan support. In this special edition podcast, join attorneys Ron Peck and Brady Bizarro as they break down the president’s speech, providing you with their reaction and analysis, and explain what you should be watching this year.
  • Empowering Plans: P154 – No Ordinary Time in Healthcare
    February 3, 2023
    Corey Crigger and Nicholas Bonds cover a lot of ground in the newest installment of The Phia Group’s Empowering Plans podcast: Whether it’s the National and Public Health Emergencies starting to wind down or what state legislatures have in store for non-profit hospitals that overcharge or Amazon creeping into the healthcare space, Phia’s attorneys are here to keep you up to date on the ever-changing world of healthcare.
  • Empowering Plans: P153 – Living Up To Expectations
    January 20, 2023
    Over the last decade, The Phia Group’s leaders have made quite a few predictions. There have been some hits and misses. Join attorneys Ron Peck and Jen McCormick as they discuss past predictions, their predictions for 2023, and what the best health plans need to do to stay ahead of the game this year!
  • Empowering Plans: P152 – The Contemporary Fiduciary: Emerging Law on an Old Topic
    January 5, 2023
    In this installment of The Phia Group’s Empowering Plans podcast, join attorneys Katie MacLeod and Jon Jablon as they discuss fiduciary status, both traditionally and in the new age of self-funding. This industry is faced with changes all the time, even to some of its oldest rules; in the spirit of consumer protection, the legal and regulatory winds are once again changing to challenge certain long-held understandings about fiduciary duties. TPAs in particular should tune into this one!
  • Empowering Plans: P151 – The Who, What, and When of Offsetting Benefits
    December 20, 2022
    In this installment of The Phia Group’s Empowering Plans podcast, attorneys Chris Aguiar and Cindy Merrell discuss offsetting benefits and when a Plan may want to consider it.
  • Empowering Plans: P150 – Manufacturer Assistance Programs
    December 8, 2022
    Attorneys Brady Bizarro and Andrew Silverio discuss manufacturer/copay assistance programs and outline some of the different approaches being utilized to manage specialty drug spending. Also on the agenda is a current lawsuit against one such program administrator, and how the landscape might be shaped in the coming months.
  • Empowering Plans: P149 – Another Ping-Ponging of IC/EE Rules?
    November 17, 2022
    In recent history there have been several rules that have been amended and re-amended (or just overturned and new rules published). Join Kelly Dempsey and Kevin Brady as they explore the ever-changing world of employee classification rules. The 2021 rule is viewed as leaving workers vulnerable to misclassification and was inconsistent with existing federal court decisions, thus the current administration is seeking to make a change. Tune in to learn more and why this rule matters to self-funded health plans.
  • Empowering Plans: P148 – The Ever Changing Times of Healthcare
    November 3, 2022
    “It’s an ever-changing time…” in the healthcare landscape. Corey Crigger and Nick Bonds are back on the podcast mics to discuss some of the more interesting developments they’ve seen in 2022. Tune in to be sure these developments aren't burdensome and rest assured that the dreams you believe in will still come true.
  • Empowering Plans: P147 – Transparency & More: Burning CAA/NSA FAQs
    October 27, 2022
    In this installment of The Phia Group’s Empowering Plans podcast, attorneys Jen McCormick and Jon Jablon bring up some of the most common questions that The Phia Group’s consulting team has been asked to field over and over again. From the so-called broker compensation rules to a TPA’s obligations related to a group’s No Surprises Act compliance, Jen and Jon highlight some of the main points to keep in mind when making important decisions regarding your business.
  • Book of Russo: Chapter 5
    October 21, 2022
    In the latest episode of The Book of Russo, tune in to find out what The Phia Group’s CEO, Adam Russo, and guest host, Mike Ferguson, President & CEO of the Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA), have to say about SIIA’s 2022 National Conference, the history of SIIA, and what to expect from SIIA in years to come.
  • Empowering Plans: P146 - A Possible Threat to a Plan’s Discretionary Authority
    October 14, 2022
    Currently before the Senate, a new bill has been announced that would ban all references to a plan administrator’s discretionary authority, as well as remove all deference courts give to their claims determinations. Regardless of whether this bill will be passed, what does this and similar rhetoric say about public and political attitudes towards self-funded health plans? Ron Peck, Chief Legal Officer, and attorney Kaitlyn MacLeod are here to talk about this and more. Enjoy!
  • Book of Russo: Chapter 4
    September 22, 2022
    In the latest episode of The Book of Russo, tune in to find out what The Phia Group’s CEO, Adam Russo, and guest host, Dr. Jeffery Gold, have to say about Direct Primary Care and why Dr. Gold decided to open his own practice in Massachusetts.
  • Empowering Plans: P144 - The Latest Developments Involving Patient Assistance Programs
    September 16, 2022
    In this episode of the Empowering Plans podcast, attorneys Brady Bizarro and Andrew Silverio discuss patient assistance programs. They explain what these programs are, how they have been utilized in the industry, and the latest regulations and litigation surrounding them. Tune in to find out what plan sponsors need to know!
  • Empowering Plans: P143 - Is Wrongful Death the Death of a Subrogation Claim?
    September 2, 2022
    In this installment of the Empowering Plans podcast, attorneys Chris Aguiar and Cindy Merrell discuss the murky waters of wrongful death and healthcare subrogation claims.
  • Book of Russo: Chapter 3
    August 26, 2022
    In the latest episode of The Book of Russo, tune in to find out what The Phia Group’s CEO, Adam Russo, and guest host, Ernie Clevenger, have to say about Ernie’s famous Saturday night newsletter, CareHere, and much more.
  • Empowering Plans: P142 - The (Healthcare) Times They Are A-Changin’
    August 19, 2022
    In this installment of The Empowering Plans podcast, attorneys Nick Bonds and Corey Crigger discuss two recent shifts in the healthcare landscape: The FDA’s stance on OTC hearing aids and recent developments showing that not all debt is created equal, especially medical debt.
  • Empowering Plans: P141 - Do You Mind (…The Gap)?!
    August 5, 2022
    In this installment of The Phia Group’s Empowering Plans podcast, attorneys Jen McCormick and Jon Jablon discuss the age-old topic of stop-loss gaps, with a modern twist. Emerging law and industry trends color so many decisions that self-funded plans and those who service them must make on a daily basis, and one player that sometimes gets forgotten about is stop-loss. Since stop-loss coverage expectations don’t always align with reality, health plans, TPAs, and brokers need to be proactive to find potential gaps and try to rectify them before they evolve into real problems.
  • Should Plans Better Address Mental Health Benefits? | The Phia Group
    July 22, 2022
    In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has announced that we are facing another crisis – one on mental health. Participants are clamoring for more access to mental health care than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic only highlighted the lack of availability of mental health care in the US, including care that is covered by plans. Ron Peck, Chief Legal Officer, and attorney Kaitlyn MacLeod are here to talk about what plans are doing to address the mental health crisis and how mental health parity comes into play for plans, patients, and providers.
  • Stop Loss and Subrogation | The Phia Group
    July 8, 2022
    In this episode of the Empowering Plans podcast, attorneys Chris Aguiar and Cindy Merrell discuss potential obligations of health plans to their stop-loss carriers in the event of a recovery through subrogation.
  • Book of Russo: Chapter 2
    July 6, 2022
    In the latest episode of The Book of Russo, tune in to find out what The Phia Group’s CEO, Adam Russo, and guest host, Dr. Marty Makary, have to say about price transparency, price gouging, and who is typically responsible for the high cost of care.
  • The Dobbs Case – What Group Health Plans and Employers Need to Know | The Phia Group
    July 1, 2022
    On June 24th, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down one of its most controversial and impactful decisions in half a century by overturning Roe v. Wade. This decision has sweeping implications for group health plans. In this special edition of the Empowering Plans podcast, The Phia Group’s Chief Legal Officer, Ron Peck, is joined by attorneys Jen McCormick and Brady Bizarro to unpack the Court’s opinion, what’s likely to happen next, and most importantly, how health plans should respond to this historic ruling.
  • U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Dialysis Carve-outs | The Phia Group
    June 24, 2022
    In this episode of the Empowering Plans podcast, attorneys Brady Bizarro and Andrew Silverio break down the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Marietta case on dialysis carve-outs. What does the ruling mean for self-funded plans that wish to carve out dialysis claims? Our experts dig deep into the legal analysis and explain how plans can stay within the parameters of this decision. Finally, they address important points raised by the dissent and consider the broader impact on the industry.

Phia Podcasts

Empowering Plans Segment 29 - Disruption or Not?
  February 7, 2018, Podcasts By The Phia Group
In this episode, our hosts discuss the recent announcement that Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan are looking to collaborate on “health care.”  Is this just a new way to supply medical goods, deliver care, or handle the entire exchange (including enrollment and payment)?  How can broker/advisors, plan administrators, and other members of the industry benefit from this change?  And who should be most concerned?  This and more await you in “Empowering Plans.”

Empowering Plans Segment 28 - Game-changers
  January 29, 2018, Podcasts By The Phia Group
This week, our hosts discuss Adam’s recent travels and review events.  We are not alone in our attitudes and desires to change the industry for the better, and now we have proof of that fact!  What ideas and concepts were shared with Adam, and how can we add fuel to the fire?

Empowering Plans Segment 27 - Mandate?  We don’t need no stinking mandate! 
  January 22, 2018, Podcasts By The Phia Group
In this episode, Adam, Ron, and regular co-hose – Brady Bizarro – address the new tax law, elimination of the individual mandate, and how it may impact benefit plans of all types.  In particular, they examine the psyche of low risk lives and ask the all-important question – how do we keep them enrolled without the mandate?

Empowering Plans Segment 26 - Lightning Strikes Twice – Top 2017 Issues Impacting 2018
  January 10, 2018, Podcasts By The Phia Group
In this episode, the “Phia Group Boys” freestyle as they share the issues they felt defined 2017 and are likely to impact 2018.  From taxes to law; partnerships to reform… nothing is safe from their analysis and we all benefit from their warnings!  This is an episode you cannot afford to miss.

Empowering Plans Segment 25 - Breaking Down the GOP Tax Bill and How It Affects You
  December 21, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
In this special edition of the podcast, The Phia Group's CEO Adam Russo and Attorney Brady Bizarro discuss the new GOP tax bill in depth. Specifically, how does the bill affect employers? What does the repeal of the individual mandate mean for the self insured industry and for the future of Obamacare?

Empowering Plans Segment 24 - Protect Your ASA
  December 18, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
In this episode, our hosts (including repeat guest host Vice President of Consulting, Attorney Jennifer McCormick) discuss the rising trend in stop-loss insurance being placed by entities other than the TPA, yet the TPA is held responsible if things go sour.  Listen in to see how everyone can proactively avoid issues from emerging.

Empowering Plans Segment 23 - Plans and Conspiracy
  December 6, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
Bring your tin foil hats, folks!  With today's episode, our hosts (including guest host, VP of Consulting, Attorney Jennifer McCormick) discuss the recent news regarding CVS purchasing Aetna as well as a new opportunity to customize plan document reviews to address different levels of need.

Empowering Plans Segment 22 - The Biggest Threats to Self-Funding: A Lightning Round
  November 21, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
In this episode, The Phia Group’s CEO, Adam Russo, Sr. VP, Ron Peck, and Attorney Brady Bizarro discuss the biggest threats to the self-funded industry. From expanded fiduciary liability to stop-loss denials to a real threat to the ACA’s individual mandate, our experts give their thoughts in a fast-paced discussion.

Empowering Plans Segment 21 - Planning for Stormy Seas Ahead
  November 3, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
In this episode, Adam, Ron, and their guest star – VP of Consulting Jennifer McCormick, Esq. – discuss all of the many issues creating waves as it relates to benefit plan documents, and what steps we can all take to safely navigate those waters – including setting sail on The Phia Group Flagship Template!

Empowering Plans Segment 20 - Trumping Costs and Climbing the Hill
  October 19, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
With this episode, Adam and Ron welcome back a fan favorite – guest star Brady Bizarro – and discuss the wild and crazy happenings in DC.  From contraceptives to cost containment; the impact of fully insured subsidies on self funded plans; and everything in between – this is one lively podcast you cannot afford to miss.

Empowering Plans Segment 19 - The Man with the Plan
  October 13, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
In this episode Adam and Ron discuss the oft overlooked but – in their opinion – all important plan document.  From its purpose to best practices, they discuss why legal compliance, interaction with third parties, and cost containment efforts all start (and end) with the plan terms.  Bring a pen and paper – these tips cannot be missed.

Empowering Plans Segment 18 - Responsibility - Beyond the Contract
  September 28, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
In this episode, Adam and Ron discuss trends impacting health plans, employers, and employees. While these issues, such as the opioid epidemic, may not seem like the biggest costs facing benefit plans today, the long term costs are real. More importantly, issues like these can be identified by examining claims data; but most administrators are not contractually responsible to do so. Adam and Ron discuss why these entities should consider adding such services to their offerings – despite not being the most impactful cost containment option or being a contractual responsibility of the administrator.

Empowering Plans Segment 17 - Cutting Out Conflict
  September 11, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
When it comes to securing stop-loss, too many benefit plans think the ball is only in the stop loss carrier’s court.  Today, our hosts explain what plan administrators can do to cut out conflict and tie up loose ends before they suffer a costly loss.  Ensuring an ongoing and fruitful relationship between plans and stop loss tomorrow requires intensive work today.  Addressing these potential costly issues now will guarantee reimbursements are in the bag later.

Empowering Plans Segment 16 - In Reference to Reference Based Pricing
  August 21, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
This week, Adam Russo and Ron Peck accept that an answer to the high cost of healthcare won’t be coming from D.C., and that health plan administrators (with the help of their partners and advisors) need to address the costs internally.  Amongst options to do just that, so-called “Reference Based Pricing” is a hot topic in our industry.  Join Ron and Adam as they pick apart this method for containing costs, identify the pros and cons of an “RBP” plan, and discuss options to customize such a program.

Empowering Plans Segment 15 - Stopping the Bleeding
  August 11, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
This week, The Phia Group’s CEO, Adam Russo and Attorney Brady Bizarro interviewed Garrick Hunt, Phia’s Sales Executive, about some of the most common burdens self-funded employers are facing in our industry. From out-of-network claims to air ambulance to specialty drugs, we explore cost-containment strategies and discuss the potential compliance concerns for employers. Finally, we answer a question from our mail bag regarding best practices for handling overpayments.
Empowering Plans Segment 14 - Repeal & Replace Fails: What's Next?
  August 7, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
This week, The Phia Group's CEO, Adam Russo, Sr. VP, Ron Peck, and Attorney Brady Bizarro discuss the dramatic events on Capitol Hill and the shocking failure of Senate Republicans to repeal and replace Obamacare. Despite this serious setback, Republicans are not ready to give up. We'll discuss the path forward.

Empowering Plans Segment 13 - Your Friendly Neighborhood Provider
  July 17, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
Taking a positive view on the industry, Ron Peck, Jon Jablon and Andrew Silverio today share stories and examples of providers working with payers to preserve the private employer based group health plan industry.  From price transparency, to direct primary care, to medical tourism – providers that are willing to innovate and work with payers get their moment in the sun with this episode.

Empowering Plans Segment 12 - The Cost of Care
  July 10, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
This week The Phia Group's CEO, Adam Russo and Sr. VP, Ron Peck, interviewed Attorney Jon Jablon - Director of Provider Relations,  regarding the seemingly increasing number of excessive charges being billed by providers to health plans, strategies to cut costs, and importantly - ways to work with providers rather than against them, in an effort to implement an arrangement that works for all involved.

Empowering Plans Segment 11 - The Senate Unveils its Repeal & Replace Bill
  June 22, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
In this special edition of the Empowering Plans podcast, Sr. Vice President and General Counsel Ron Peck and Attorney Brady Bizarro give their initial thoughts on the Better Care Reconciliation Act. What is in this new bill? What does it mean for the self-funded industry? What is next for healthcare reform?

Empowering Plans Segment 10 - Plan Tales: The Good, Bad, and Really Bad
  June 19, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
In this episode, Adam Russo and Ron Peck interview two key members of The Phia Group’s consulting division – Vice President of Consulting, Attorney Jennifer McCormick, and Product Developer, Kristin Spath.  These two have tales to tell, regarding their experiences helping clients with unusual questions, and transforming outlandish ideas into real benefit plan innovations.

Empowering Plans Segment 09 - In the Land of the Blind
  June 5, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
The Congressional Budget Office (“CBO”) has released its assessment of the American Health Care Act (Version 2.0), and once again the focus seems to be on who will lose insurance, gain insurance, and change insurance.  Yet, as lawmakers stumble with blinders on, addressing only the matter of insurance, other important factors – such as the actual cost of care itself – remains conspicuously absent.

Empowering Plans Segment 08 - Healthcares? Alternative Provider Payment Programs
  May 22, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
The Phia Group’s CEO, Adam Russo, and Sr. VP & General Counsel, Ron Peck, discuss movements within the healthcare provider community to change how they charge (and receive payment) for services rendered.  For better or worse, change is on the way!

Empowering Plans Segment 07 - The American Health Care Act
  May 8, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
Repeal and replace, the ACA, the AHCA - what does it all mean? How does it affect us? What’s next? Join The Phia Group's CEO, Adam V. Russo, Sr. VP, Ron E. Peck, and Attorney Brady Bizarro as they discuss the American Health Care Act, which passed the House of Representatives on 05/04/2017.

Empowering Plans Segment 06 - An Employer Call to Action
April 25, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
A podcast dedicated to employers. Our goal is to show employers what they can do to improve their health plan and plan performance, without relying on third parties. It’s time for employers to get into the game!

Empowering Plans Segment 05 - The AHCA Failed: Where To Next?
April 4, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
Join The Phia Group's CEO, Adam V. Russo, Sr. VP, Ron E. Peck, and Attorney Brady Bizarro as they discuss the recent, stunning failure of the GOP's American Health Care Act, the most recent news and predictions on the effort to repeal and replace the ACA, and what this all means for the self-funded industry.


Empowering Plans Segment 04 - Attack of the Killer Savings
March 13, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
Join The Phia Group's CEO, Adam V. Russo, and Sr. VP, Ron E. Peck, as they describe how The Phia Group identifies facilities that provide the best outcomes for the least cost, and encourage plan participants to visit those facilities.


Empowering Plans Segment 03 - The Journey Continues
February 28, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
Once again The Phia Group’s CEO, Adam V. Russo, and Sr. VP, Ron E. Peck, delve into what makes their own company’s health benefit plan unique, and share tips employers (and those that service them) can use to improve their own plan’s performance.


Empowering Plans Segment 02 - The Next Episode
February 13, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
In this second installment of The Phia Group's official podcast, our hosts begin sharing what makes their own health plan a source of savings for the employer and benefits employees love.


Empowering Plans Segment 01 - The Maiden Voyage
JANUARY 30, 2017, Podcasts By The Phia Group
Welcome to the maiden voyage of "Empowering Plans," a new Podcast by The Phia Group where our hosts will review the purpose of this new series of Podcasts, reveal what the next few episodes will be about, and open the forum to our partners for comments and ideas.