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A Duty to Serve and Protect … the Plan

Think you can’t be sued for breaching a fiduciary duty?  Think again!  Lawsuits filed by plan sponsors against their claims administrators are gaining increased media attention.  Between talk of a possible recession and passage of new laws such as the No Surprises Act, employers are tightening their belts and examining their partners with renewed vigor.  Accusations suggest that anyone managing plan assets has a fiduciary duty to do so prudently.  Regardless of fiduciary status, only those who carefully examine claims, manage appeals, navigate disputes, curb plan spending, and leverage all possible sources of reimbursement will likely avoid such scrutiny.  Join The Phia Group for another complimentary webinar.  Their team will contemplate strategies applicable to every stage in a claim’s lifecycle, and divulge best practices that will keep you out of the court house.

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