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Back to The Self-Funding Future – Which Echoes of 2016 Will Continue to Impact Self-Funding in 2017

The past decade has ushered in both outrage and opportunity for self-funded plans, and 2016 was no different. The characteristics of self-funded plans continued to alter in concert with new laws and regulations. While these bureaucratic efforts often hindered our ability to self-fund, for those daring enough to change with the times, we saw increased growth and prosperity. We will no doubt see these issues and opportunities continue to evolve in 2017, and only those that prepare will thrive.

Thank you for joining The Phia Group’s team of attorneys on January 19, 2016 as they reviewed the most troublesome and costly issues of 2016 and opportunities that were born from strife - and examined how they will impact self-funding in 2017 while offering some solutions for the new year.

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