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California / Recovering Benefits from Workers' Compensation

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In May of 2012, the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (“WCAB”) adopted amendments, which impact the ability of lien claimants to obtain recovery.

•  To secure reimbursement when filing a “green-lien,” lien claimants must pay a fee of $150.00.

•  To secure reimbursement when filing a “green-lien,” “…lien claimants must appear at a lien conference and/or trial …”

We have already developed a strategy to ensure a smooth progression in light of these rules, and have the legal expertise in place to secure recovery.  Please note, however, that the filing fee and appearance by local counsel will result in additional expense to the Plan.  In an effort to maximize recoveries for our clients while minimizing costs, The Phia Group and its clients will have to conduct a cost-benefit analysis when deciding whether to pursue reimbursement, on a case by case basis.

PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR!  The Phia Group will be hosting a webinar specifically regarding these issues on January 23, 2013 at 4 PM EST / 1 PM PST.  We have limited invitations to you and entities like you, directly impacted by these new rules.  We will be discussing the new rules in greater detail, will field your questions, and will discuss the many issues benefit plans should keep in mind when assessing their options.  It is important to us that you attend.

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