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Not Surprised – First NSA Analysis Shows That You’re Paying Too Much…And Phia Can Help!

On Dec. 27, 2020, the No Surprises Act (NSA) was signed into law, with an eye towards protecting patients against so-called “surprise” balance bills.  The law leaned heavily on “good faith” negotiations between payers and providers, as well as “objective” decision making via independent dispute resolution.  Three years later, The Brookings Institution reported that you are paying nearly four-times what Medicare pays (an average of 390%) and are spending at least 50% MORE than an average PPO network.  The bottom line?  Providers are winning and you are paying MORE now than you did before the NSA’s passage. 

The Phia Group can help you formalize a process that ensures timely triaging of disputes, insert an objective third party for correspondence with providers and IDR, utilize intelligent out-of-network pricing methodologies, implement multifaceted benchmarking for objective yet aggressive defense, and utilize a tiered program to ensure continuous advocacy on behalf of your plan. Want to join the winning team? 

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