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Plan on Saving by Saving Your Plan – Applying Lessons Learned to Create the Perfect Plan Document


Many of you are familiar with the plan drafting conundrum: multiple options are available for plan document verbiage on a given topic, but your client either can’t decide, can’t tell the difference, or simply doesn’t have a preference. In response to Phia Document Management (PDM) user requests, we have simplified the plan document checklist by creating a new template with fewer variables, called the Flagship.

Unlike our traditional major medical template where the user is given ten variables for which workers’ compensation exclusion to choose, the Flagship template incorporates The Phia Group’s “best practices” approach to plan drafting; there must always be variables when drafting a plan document, but far fewer in the Flagship, making the user experience a more streamlined and intuitive one.

Join The Phia Group’s legal team as they explain the Flagship template, differences from the existing template, and why the Flagship may be right for you.

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