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The Phia Group Announces the Formation of Legal Compliance & Regulatory Affairs Team

December 14, 2018 - For Immediate Release

Braintree, MA -- The Phia Group LLC, one of the health benefit industry’s leading cost-containment service providers, announced that it has completed the formal creation of its internal Legal Compliance and Regulatory Affairs (“LCARA”) team.

The members of this Phia Group Consulting (“PGC”) subdivision will handle the most complex Independent Consultation and Evaluation (“ICE”) queries while performing in-depth research meant to benefit both The Phia Group, and its partners. Led by its Director of Legal Compliance & Regulatory Affairs, Brady Bizarro, Esq., as well as Compliance & Oversight Counsel, Andrew Silverio, Esq. and Compliance & Regulatory Affairs Consultant, Philip Qualo, J.D., the LCARA team will diligently track statutory and regulatory changes, to ensure both the continued compliance of The Phia Group as well as its clientele. By focusing both on the company’s own internal needs as well as the needs of its clients, the LCARA team represents a new stage in “crowd sourcing” information and experience.

“There are certainly a few individuals here or there who include this type of work in their list of responsibilities,” The Phia Group’s CEO Adam Russo remarked, “But we are confident that no team has ever been so focused on remaining ahead of legal challenges, and ensuring that both The Phia Group and its allies learn – and benefit – from each other’s growth, wins, and losses.”

To learn more about The Phia Group, its regulatory compliance services, or any of its offerings, please contact The Phia Group’s Sales Executive, Garrick Hunt, at 781-535-5644 or

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