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The Phia Group Appoints Tim Callender, Esq. as Vice President of Sales & Marketing

The Phia Group Appoints Tim Callender, Esq. as Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Braintree, MA – The Phia Group, LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Attorney Tim Callender to the role of Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

The Phia Group benefits from its reputation as a forward thinking advocate for the employer based and self-funded health plan industry. In this newly established role, Tim will provide customer guidance, brand development, and lead The Phia Group in its offerings to the industry. Sales Executive, Garrick Hunt, will continue to serve in his vital role and benefit from Tim’s leadership and industry expertise.

Tim brings with him over 10 years of legal and business experience, ranging from private legal practice, to various industry association board memberships and his time as general counsel for a large TPA.

Commenting on his new role, Tim stated, “This new role is a natural progression and a perfect fit. I’m very fortunate that my career has allowed me to learn the ropes of the self-funded industry first from the TPA perspective and then grow that knowledge from within The Phia Group’s industry-wide footprint. With my legal background, I know that I am uniquely positioned to understand the nuances and legal difficulties presented to those within our industry and then work to apply solutions best suited to fit those needs.”

The Phia Group’s CEO, Adam V. Russo, remarked, “Tim is an attorney who has walked in the shoes of our clients, and spent the majority of his career defending them. As the VP of Sales and Marketing, Tim will once again be called upon to improve the standing of our industry – by sharing opportunities to work with The Phia Group and benefit from our efforts, products, services, and ideas. His legal acumen, ability to communicate in any forum, and overall leadership qualities make him a perfect fit for this new role.”

For more information regarding Tim’s new role and The Phia Group’s many services, please contact Attorney Callender by email at or by phone at 781-535-5631.

About Timothy Callender, Esq.

Tim was raised in the pinnacle business environment – a successful, family-run cattle operation in central Idaho. Tim began practicing law in Boise in the early 2000s before transitioning to the role of in-house legal counsel for a third party administrator where he learned the ins and outs of the TPA world and the self-funded industry as a whole. Tim has spoken on a variety of industry topics at respected venues such as the Society of Professional Benefit Administrators (“SPBA”) and the Health Care Administrator’s Association (“HCAA”). Tim currently sits on the Board of Directors for the HCAA as well. In the past year, Tim has held a leadership role within The Phia Group, directly related to Phia’s Plan Appointed Claim Evaluator (“PACE”) service as well as Phia’s Independent Consultation and Evaluation (“ICE”) service. Tim works out of The Phia Group’s Boise, Idaho office.