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The Phia Group Introduces its Phia Ignite Repricing Engine: A Game-Changer in Cost Containment



The Phia Group Introduces the Phia Ignite Repricing Engine – Seamlessly Encompassing Focused Artificial Intelligence, Detailed Quality Metrics, Multiple and Defensible Repricing Datapoints with Best in Class Balance Bill Support and Resolution.


CANTON, MA – The Phia Group proudly unveiled its Phia Ignite Repricing Engine, a cutting-edge tool that will now empower their already renowned Phia Unwrapped service, which for many years has been the industry’s best out-of-network solution, with its expert assistance for appeals, No Surprises Act (NSA) compliance, and IDR navigation to ultimately yield unbeatably low payments. Now, Phia Unwrapped is even better, thanks to the Phia Ignite repricing engine. Developed to consistently calculate equitable and defensible claims payments – by leveraging price transparency, provider quality metrics, and other proprietary methodologies – Phia Unwrapped, empowered by Ignite, further reduces unnecessary risks while maximizing savings.


“Phia Ignite promises to be a groundbreaking means for not only optimizing savings but also ensuring support for the complexities inherent in the No Surprises Act (NSA),” remarked The Phia Group’s own Scott Bennett, Senior Vice President of Provider Relations.


Phia Ignite, which is compatible with both standard and advanced integration, benefits from fluid synchronization of SFTP and 837 files across multiple platforms, and employs a distinct gap-filling strategy to price claims for which benchmarks and rates would be otherwise unavailable. The Phia Group’s experts also leverage Phia Ignite toward identifying the highest quality providers offering optimal care for the most equitable prices -- a critical step for navigating patients to centers of excellence. Further, Ignite represents next-generation technology through its ability to leverage APIs and harness Artificial Intelligence-driven data.



“Ultimately, healthcare consumers will reap the benefits of Phia Ignite,” The Phia Group’s CEO, Adam Russo, explained, “and that is why we do what we do.  Maximizing savings, minimizing costs, reducing risk, increasing compliance, and helping our partners thrive – these are all steps we take in our mission to help hard working Americans secure better care, and better benefits, for less.”


“Phia Ignite adds to The Phia Group’s toolbox an optimal, forward-thinking cost containment device for providing balance bill and NSA support, the complexities of which have accelerated the need to consider factors like quality, cost, and market impact on claims,” Scott Bennett remarked.  “After all, when it comes to healthcare savings, we believe it’s time to go beyond kindling a flame. With Phia Ignite, you have the opportunity to spark a revolution.”


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