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NSA’s Model Notice: Doing Your Own Thing

On November 14, 2022
It’s November, and most TPAs are neck-deep in No Surprises Act compliance. This is a busy time of year as it is – but with new, daunting requirements piled onto a TPA’s usual renewal-time craziness, this is a special year. Some have opined that the last time they had a year like this was when the ACA was first passed, and that’s saying something!

Resolution to Become an Educated Consumer of Healthcare

On January 14, 2021
Resolutions are great things to create and stick to. Learn more about why one of your resolutions should to become an educated healthcare consumer.

The U&C Gap Keeps Rearing Its Ugly Head

On December 8, 2020
What constitutes U&C? Find out more about U&C language gaps between a plan and a stop-loss carrier, with easy-to-follow examples. Learn more now!

IP Law vs. Drug Prices

On May 20, 2019
Are you being overcharged by your healthcare plan for your own prescriptions? Learn more about IP Law and Drug prices. Call us for a claim negotiation!

HHS Proposes Drug Transparency Rules for TV Advertisements

On October 17, 2018
Drug transparency rules have been proposed for TV advertisements. Find out more about these potential industry-changing regulations, today!

Communication Breakdown – More Lessons Learned from My Wife’s Battle Against Lymphoma

On October 1, 2018
Listen to Phia Group's podcast, "Empowering Plans." This episode discusses the importance of communication & diligence when dealing with cancer medication.

In God We Trust; All Others Pay CASH…I wish…

On September 25, 2017
Do healthcare providers offer discounts for cash payment? Learn more about the growing rate of physicians in the US who contract directly with their patients.

Reverse Medical Tourism

On July 31, 2017
Medical tourism offers many cost-containment options in reducing health care costs. Find out if this makes sense for you.

It’s Time for a Wake-Up Call!

On June 26, 2017
Learn more about how to educate your employees and get them involved in making healthy choices to benefit themselves and their healthcare costs.

Full Billed Charges: A Question of Geography

On June 21, 2017
Do providers reserve the right to receive full billed charges from your plan? How is your plan set up? Find out with this helpful article.

The Rules of the Game are Still Changing

On June 1, 2017
Find out how the executive order passed May 4th, 2017 instructs involved agencies when making decisions about contraceptives.

Bite the Hand

On May 30, 2017
Ron Peck, Esq. discusses the issue of private payers being charged inflated amounts and what the future can hold. Read more today.

Adam’s Key Takeaway from the 2017 MassAHU Benefest Conference

On May 4, 2017
We discuss the importance of empowering employees understand the actual cost of care and making healthy changes. Read more today.

Transparency – It’s Not Just for Ghosts

On April 26, 2017
Kelly Dempsey, Esq. shares a personal experience with different charges for the same services. Learn more today.

Bidding Against Themselves: $750K Air Ambulance Claim Adventure

On March 29, 2017
Phia explains the importance of having good legal representation in this case about a $750,000 Air Ambulance Charge. Read more.