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Limits of Arbitration Provisions on Participant ERISA Claims

On May 9, 2022
A recent sixth circuit decision shows limits of arbitration provisions on participant ERISA claims. Read our blog to find out the latest actions taken.

Major 9th Circuit Win on Mental Parity | The Phia Group

On March 28, 2022
Payers received a major win in a decision about mental health parity. Learn about how United Behavioral Health now has to reprocess thousands of claims.

Challenging Changes for Prudent Plan Fiduciary | Phia Group

On February 18, 2022
Learn about the Hughes v. Northwestern University ERISA case and how this affects the responsibilities and risks for liabilities of plan fiduciaries.

A COBRA Conundrum

On March 15, 2021
COBRA has become more accessible than ever. Learn about how it is making timelines more difficult to follow and coverage more difficult to administer.

There is no Such Thing as a 1099 Employee

On November 23, 2020
Learn what a 1099 employee is (and why there is a misconception that they exist). Find out more about how to categorize the type of employee someone is.

Texas Still Working On Mental Health Parity Rule Implementation

On August 3, 2020
The Texas House Bill 10 is made up of four divisions that can impact self-funded non-ERISA plans. There may be new requirements on the horizon. Learn more.

How Flexible Can Your Plan Be?

On March 17, 2020
Employer health insurance plans are permitted to be more generous than regulation requires. Learn some of the options available for modifying plans.

Health Plan Changes After a Merger

On January 9, 2020
One thing that should always be addressed is the impact that the transaction will have on the benefit plans of the buyer and the seller. Learn more.

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: The Trouble with Cross-Patient Offsetting

On December 30, 2019
The right to offset future benefits is common, and there is nothing inherently unenforceable about offsetting benefits due to a patient. Learn more.

Theories v. Practicality: The Simplest Answer is Often the Best!

On November 18, 2019
Whether you believe that a breach of contract action against a plan participant is allowed, it’s better to be able to prevent the money from being put at risk. 

Don’t Get Bit: Avoid Falling Into the COBRA Snake Pit.

On October 28, 2019
Despite its relative simplicity in a qualified beneficiary's perspective, COBRA is a lot less simple when viewed through the eyes of an employer.

The Final AHP Rules Take a Hard Hit

On April 1, 2019
A federal court has ordered certain provisions of President Trump’s Association Health Plan (“AHP”) Final Rule to be vacated. Learn what that means for you.

ERISA Violations Due to Restrictive Claim Guidelines

On March 25, 2019
A recent case development has added another layer to compliance when it comes to covering mental health benefits. Click to read more.

The Proposed HRA Rules v. the Current Regulatory Landscape

On October 31, 2018
In October of 2018 the government issued proposed regulations on health reimbursement arrangements. It's not too late! Learn how this may affect you.

Is Your Life Insurance Policy Subject to ERISA?

On October 3, 2018
Is your life insurance policy subject to ERISA? Learn how to find out if it is and what that might mean for you if your insurance policy is subject to it.