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WC Recovery in a Post COVID World!

On May 6, 2020
It requires a little more nuanced thinking to find an answer to whether people can file workers' compensation claims if they fall ill during the pandemic. Learn more.

EMPLOYERS BEWARE: Handling Employee Absences Resulting from Coronavirus Quarantine

On February 19, 2020
Employers could be held liable when terminating an employee due to absences as a result of isolation and quarantine measures. Learn more.

WORLD AIDS DAY 2019: Three Decades of Progress in Treatment and Healthcare

On December 11, 2019
December 1st is World AIDS Day, an opportunity for the world to unite in efforts to stop HIV, support those affected and have lost their lives by HIV.

Beating Medical Trend – Managed Care vs Reference Based Pricing

On July 6, 2015
Medical inflation continues to rise. Facing rate increases year after year, plan sponsors, with their financial backs to the wall, have historically resorted to cost shifting