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Overpayment Success Story: Dialysis Claim

On February 9, 2017
A dialysis claim was adjudicated at the regular out-of-network rate instead of the dialysis carve-out rate of 130% of Medicare.

The Big Elephant in the Room….

On January 26, 2017
From day one, over 16 years ago, we have offered overpayment recovery services, but over the last year, I have seen the largest growth in this service.

Recoupment or Embezzlement? Cross-plan Offsets in the Crosshairs

On September 26, 2016
When a self funded employee benefit plan, or indeed any payer of health benefits, overpays a benefit claim to a medical provider, it is often a tall task to later secure refunds.

Overpayment Recovery Services Suite | The Phia Group

On October 8, 2015
Why are most TPAs merely sending a few letters to providers and filing away cases that fail to result in a refund? Because they feel that there is no other option available to them… until now.

Are Overpayments Over?

On June 6, 2014
we provide a brief summary of the case and its impact on our valued clients. Upon reviewing the facts, you’ll likely agree with us that a detailed approach to overpayment refunds is needed.