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Don’t Confuse Appeals with Balance-Billing!

On August 6, 2019

One Shot at This

On May 14, 2018
When writing plan documents, make sure to get it right the first time before handing to clients. Click here for everything I have learned & my story.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey & Other Blindfolded Games of Placement

On December 27, 2017
Our industry (that being the self funded health benefits industry) is primarily a web-work of relationships. Unlike a large, traditional health insurance carrier, where all functions are located under one roof, in our industry key pieces of the greater whole are comprised of various independent entities.

TPA of Self-Insured Health Plan Not Subject to Texas Prompt-Pay Law

On February 24, 2016
The Fifth Circuit has ruled that a third-party administrator (TPA) of employer-sponsored self-insured health plans is not an insurer subject to the Texas Prompt Payment Act.

Federal Court Keeps TPA As Third-Party Defendant in Suit Between Stop Loss Carrier and Group

On January 14, 2015
This case is a federal civil procedure professor’s dream. One can easily imagine it as a part of a first-year law student’s final exam. I discuss it because the backdrop for all the procedural issues is a stop loss dispute between a carrier and a group and its TPA