“PDM (Phia Document Management) is popular with our customers because we provide hands on expertise, and make something that is usually very difficult into something that is easy.”

Jennifer M. McCormick, Esq.
Senior Vice President, Consulting


Plan - Phia Document Management (PDM)

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“Setting the Industry Standard for Plan Language” by combining cutting edge technology with forward thinking creativity, and a client-centric customized approach."

The Phia Group has created plan document language that has become the industry standard. The verbiage maintained by our team of attorneys not only provides language compliant with all regulations, but also implements cost containment provisions. PDM – proprietary SAAS – promotes our mission to provide industry best practices and an all-encompassing cost containment program while also providing the flexibility to customize plan document materials.

The Future of Plan Document Drafting Is Here

The Phia Group’s proprietary market-leading software combines a client-tailored approach with efficient automated plan document creation, built for today’s unique plan design needs.

  • Online Access to The Phia Group’s Industry Acclaimed Plan Language
  • Updates To Ensure Regulatory & Legislative Compliance 
  • Use Existing Templates or Enjoy Custom Template Drafting & Automation
  • Collaborative Approach to Document Population & Drafting Options
  • Produce Plans Efficiently & Effectively
  • Focus on the Language That Matters

Multiple Plan Formats

With PDM, clients can create an assortment of documents:

  • Plan Document & Summary Plan Description (PD/SPD) Medical, Prescription, Dental, Vision & Short-Term Disability 
  • Reference Based Price (RBP) Plan Documents
  • Wrap Document Drafting
  • Preventative Care Only / MEC “Skinny” Documents
  • Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

The PDM Difference

  • Built and Tested With Your Actual Needs in Mind
  • One-Stop Shop for Plan Document Solutions 
  • Flexible, Customized, Collaborative Options


The Phia Group’s Flagship Plan Document: Phia’s Best Practices

Every self-funded plan deserves a “Best in Class” plan document, yet delays in plan drafting cause many plans to administer old plans – or in some cases – no plan.  Now there is no excuse for administering a self-funded program with an outdated plan document, or worse, no plan document at all.

The Phia Group has compiled decades of experience servicing various types of plans, and drafting various types of plan documents, to develop its Flagship Plan Document template.  This plan document “checks all the boxes” when it comes to best practices, regarding everything from cost containment to compliance; offering robust yet effective coverage.

What is The Phia Group’s Flagship Plan Document?

The Phia Group’s Flagship Plan Document is literally a condensed version of its industry acclaimed, fully customizable template.  The Phia Group has taken its own impressive plan document template (complete with thousands of requisite customization queries), and created a nearly complete plan document – by pre-selecting what it deems to be the best provisions in every regard.

All that remains is for the plan sponsor or its named administrator to fill in their biographical information, insert their selected schedule of benefits, eligibility criteria, and review the language already provided to request edits or revisions. 

The plan sponsor and its administrator no longer need to review countless options or fill in limitless blank spaces.  The hard work has already been handled by The Phia Group.

Now, with The Phia Group’s Flagship Plan Document, clients can enjoy speedy production of best-in-class plans, with minimal time or monetary investment.


Frequently Asked Questions About Document Management:


What is Phia Document Management®?

Phia Document Management®, or PDM, is The Phia Group’s online plan drafting software that allows the user to build, edit, and produce plan documents. PDM presents a user-friendly interface for plan drafters of all experience levels and allows unlimited document creation for a flat monthly fee.

Does The Phia Group have template materials we can use?

Yes. In addition to using The Phia Group's existing templates, subscribers can work with The Phia Group's PDM team to create a customized template.

Are there experts available if we need assistance using the software?

Yes. Although the plan drafting process with PDM is designed to be automated, The Phia Group has a dedicated team of consultants available to answer any PDM related questions a user may have.

Is there a limit on how many documents I can draft using PDM?

No. Users will have access to unlimited drafting.

What types of plan documents can be created using PDM?

Users of PDM can create major medical plans, Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs), cafeteria plans, wrap documents, HRA documents and preventive care only plans. Our major medical template even has options to create a traditional PPO or reference-based pricing plan design.

How easy is to create plan documents using PDM?

Really easy. The Phia Group’s template checklist is designed to be intuitive and straightforward, and PDM even provides the user the option to duplicate a completed checklist for simplified creation of similar plan documents. Once a checklist is completed, the variables in the template plan document will automatically populate, and a plan document is born.

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