Phia Certification


We are pleased to announce our new internal Phia Certification Program. The Phia Group maintains lofty standards for the industry, and expects the same of our staff. Phia has always developed and implemented best-in-class training programs, keeping our employees up to date and comprehensively educated. As a result, our team is second to none in that regard… and today we are excited to announce a new way to show it. Phia has established its new Phia Certification Program for its employees; this internal program consists of three levels, each level testing an even higher caliber of industry expertise than the last. 


All Phia employees, from our interns to our attorneys, will be Level 1 certified. For leaders and those seeking to take it to the next level, Level 2 of the Phia Certification Program is made available. Finally, for those who dare to dream – Level 3 is indicative of being “the best of the best” – those capable of addressing any and all issues impacting our industry, as well as being able to predict the issues headed our way. Our Phia Certification Program will ensure that a thorough knowledge base and industry expertise is embedded in our entire staff, providing you with the best service our industry has to offer.