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2020 Renewal Season - Decisions Today, Uncertain Tomorrow

It’s plan renewal season, and we find ourselves making decisions that will define how plans will operate over the next year.  This is no easy task!  First, we confront known issues and hurdles – such as increasing drug costs, regulatory crackdowns, and aggressive providers – looming before us.  Additionally, despite the need to make these decisions now, the future is more uncertain than ever before.  Between litigation challenging the constitutionality of the ACA and an already wild 2020 Presidential election, no one truly knows what next year will look like.  How can we make decisions today at renewal, that address the issues of tomorrow – both known and unknown?

Join The Phia Group for a “can’t miss” review of important issues impacting plan renewals, address known roadblocks, and perform an assessment of the candidates’ positions on healthcare – with an eye toward what we should be doing today to prepare for an uncertain tomorrow.

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