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The Mess in the American Healthcare System | The Phia Group

On April 25, 2022
Do you have someone to relate to when it comes with the health care system? This blog discusses some of the hardships people go though with healthcare.

Healthcare Opportunities and Concerns | The Phia Group

On April 19, 2022
Learn about case studies and recent developments in the healthcare industry from relationships to regulations, from plans to politics and more.

Congress’ Proposals to Limit Insulin Costs | The Phia Group

On April 15, 2022
Here you can find a podcast explaining the effects of the congress proposal concerning the cap on the cost of insulin in our Empowering Plans: P133

California Law Still Governs Most Surprise Bills

On April 14, 2022
Learn about the letter California recently issued detailing the relationship between the No Surprises Act and their existing balance billing protections.

Texas’ New Pre-Authorization Exemption Law

On April 4, 2022
Learn about the new law pre-authorization exemption law in Texas and whether this would prohibit health plans from incentivizing pre-authorization.

Empowering Plans: P132 - The Enhanced DOL Enforcement Effort

On April 1, 2022
This podcast discusses how the CAA enhanced DOL enforcement mechanisms. Learn about the DOL's evolving approach to MHPAEA and the impact on plan sponsors.

Major 9th Circuit Win on Mental Parity | The Phia Group

On March 28, 2022
Payers received a major win in a decision about mental health parity. Learn about how United Behavioral Health now has to reprocess thousands of claims.

Telehealth Coverage & HSA relief for HDHPs | The Phia Group

On March 22, 2022
Learn about the CARES Act, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, and how they temporarily extended HSA relief for HDHPs and telehealth coverage.

Healthcare Cost & How Plans Must Prepare | The Phia Group

On March 22, 2022
We may be entering a series of expensive years in health care. Learn about the risks, what to look for and best practices to deal with them.

Empowering Plans: P131–Reduction Requests | Fiduciary Duties

On March 18, 2022
This podcast features a deep dive into reduction requests and Plan's fiduciary duties. Learn why a reduction can be in a Plan's best interest and more.

Winner of the 2022 Top Workplaces USA Award | The Phia Group

On March 18, 2022
Read about how The Phia Group earned a 2022 Top Workplaces USA award. Learn about The Phia Group’s mission to reduce medical costs and improve health care.

Mental Health Compliance Issues | The Phia Group

On March 15, 2022
Learn about how health plans are struggling to maintain MHPAEA compliance, insufficient NQTL comparative analyses, and how you can avoid these issues.

Monetary Relief for Diabetic Americans | The Phia Group

On March 14, 2022
Learn about the legislation introduced to ease the financial burden on millions of diabetic Americans by capping insulin prices at 35 dollars per month.

Traditional Insurance to Self-Funded Plan | The Phia Group

On March 4, 2022
Wondering what to do about the increasing costs of providing health benefits? Learn about moving from a traditional insurance model to a self-funded plan.

Empowering Plans: P130 – Healthcare Policy | The Phia Group

On March 4, 2022
This podcast talks about Biden's first State of the Union Address. Learn about the important healthcare policy items he discussed and which he didn't.