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MHPAEA Self-Funded Plans and NQTL Analysis | The Phia Group

On February 22, 2022
Read about the burdens imposed on self-funded plans by the MHPAEA. Learn about challenges from Non-quantitative Treatment Limitation (NQTL) analyses.

Empowering Plans: P129 – Over-The-Counter COVID Testing

On February 18, 2022
This podcast discusses over-the-counter COVID testing. Learn more about the issues surrounding up-front payment by participants with account-based plans.

Challenging Changes for Prudent Plan Fiduciary | Phia Group

On February 18, 2022
Learn about the Hughes v. Northwestern University ERISA case and how this affects the responsibilities and risks for liabilities of plan fiduciaries.

The ERISA Compliance Landscape for 2022 | The Phia Group

On February 15, 2022
Learn about major compliance concerns and what plan sponsors can do to best prepare a compliance strategy to keep up with ERISA law and COVID-19.

New Frontier Fighting for Abortion Rights | The Phia Group

On February 11, 2022
Read about the mail-order prescription drug mifepristone. Learn about the recent FDA guidance on it and how its impact on abortion rights and health plans.

Empowering Plans: P128 – The Comparative Analysis: A Year in the Life

On February 3, 2022
In this podcast, we analyzed an entire year's worth of NQTLs. Listen to learn about our practical considerations for health plans and key takeaways.

All the COVID Things - COVID As a Disability & More Paid COVID Leave

On January 31, 2022
You may have missed that the EEOC published guidance on Covid as a disability. Learn more about what this means for your self-funded plan.

Don’t Forget About Third-Party Liability When Dealing with COVID-19 Claims

On January 28, 2022
Learn about the importance of considering third-party liabilities when dealing with Covid and how it relates to recent case law developments.

The DOL wants to Reduce Stigma and Raise Awareness: Why Your Plan Needs to Be Concerned about Mental Health Parity

On January 25, 2022
The DOL wants to reduce stigma and raise awareness. Read to learn about the MHPAEA and why your plan needs to be concerned about mental health parity.

Tune in to Win – Are You Ready for 2022?

On January 25, 2022
Learn more about litigation to political developments, regulatory developments to procedural best practices and more with The Phia Group in this podcast.

The Tax Man is Dead; Long Live the Health Plan!

On January 21, 2022
Learn the difference between healthcare and health insurance, and why health plans, health insurance and employers are often the targets of policies.

The Phia Group's 1st Quarter 2022 Newsletter

On January 20, 2022
Learn about how The Phia Group is enhancing their service offerings including their improved ICE and PACE reports in this 1st quarter 2022 newsletter.

Empowering Plans: P127 – What is Required for Plans for OTC COVID-19 Testing Coverage?

On January 20, 2022
This podcast is about the OTC Covid testing coverage requirement. Learn about how this interacts with other Covid coverage requirements and more.

The Stacks – 1st Quarter 2022

On January 19, 2022
Learn about the impact of the Affordable Care Act and No Surprises Act on appeals and how to overcome these challenges in The Stacks 1st quarter 2022.

Reasons for the Value-Based Care Gap Between Public Payers and Employer Groups

On January 10, 2022
Learn about the value-based care (VBC) gap between Medicare and employer-based group plans and how this translates to real-world price disparities.