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Independent Consultation & Evaluation: ICE, ICE, Baby!

Our industry is plagued by issues related to compliance, contracts, and cost-containment – and a myriad of other legal issues as well. Engaging an expert for a second set of eyes is a chore in itself, requiring approval from management or an individual group as well as a cost-benefit analysis of the expert’s fees – sometimes resulting in the decision not to consult a neutral third-party at all.

The Phia Group has been providing consulting services since its inception seventeen years ago. We have seen thousands of problems that could have been mitigated or avoided entirely by consulting an expert. As a result, we have created the ICE service – short for Independent Consultation and Evaluation.

Thank you for joining The Phia Group’s legal team on September 22, 2016 at 1:00pm (EST) as they discussed some of the problems facing the self-funded industry today, provided examples of situations where being proactive rather than reactive would have been beneficial, and presented the value that ICE can hold for TPAs and health plans.

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