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The Supremes Weigh In

On July 15, 2020
The Supreme Court of the United States recently wrapped up its first full term with Associate Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh. Learn more about a number of high-profile opinions here.

A Pandemic Economy – Industry Risks and Opportunities

On May 19, 2020
As the economy suffers, our industry is impacted when employers furlough employees or implement layoffs, as well when employers can no longer afford to offer benefits or continue operations. Fewer benefit plans, fewer plan participants, and dramatic changes in claim type and volume are certain, leaving health benefits at risk during a time when they are most needed. Yet, there are those that are improving coverage, leveraging opportunities, and preparing to take advantage of the employer, employee, and claims growth likely to follow a lifting of stay-at-home orders. Join The Phia Group as they discuss ways administrators are extending benefits and taking care of those in need. From COBRA to workers' compensation, mandates to stop-loss, join us to discover innovative ways to conquer the challenges and come out on top.

“Incur”-aging a Review of the Term “Incurred”

On March 12, 2020
The word 'incurred' can mean two different things. Learn why knowing your definitions could be the difference between claim reimbursement and denial.

Empowering Plans: P79 - COVID-19 Preparedness: What Self-Funded Plans Should Be Doing Right Now

On March 11, 2020
In this special edition of Empowering Plans, Brady Bizarro and Jennifer McCormick discuss the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Join them for their insight into how you should be preparing, what concerns you should have about your benefits documents, and how to navigate applicable law.

The Top 10 of 2020: Cost Containment Measures to Implement Right Now

On March 10, 2020
Self-funding can be great if you know how to use it – but it can also be disastrous if done wrong. Health plans trust their TPAs and brokers to make the right decisions for them, and cost-containment is always the right decision. From choosing a stop-loss carrier all the way to handling appeals, the self-funding market is full of options and customizations, and some are (much) better than others. Join The Phia Group’s legal team as they discuss the cost-containment measures they encounter most frequently, and tell some success stories, some horror stories, and how you can make the best decisions for your clients’ bank accounts.

New Insight on Provider Surprise Billing

On February 17, 2020
Many states have enacted protections against balance billing and surprise billing, however, these state laws have limited applicability. Learn more.

More Thoughts on The Cigna Racketeering Case

On January 28, 2020
If Cigna truly issued insufficient EOBs and didn’t follow applicable regulations, the providers have a good case that appeals are futile. Read more.

WORLD AIDS DAY 2019: Three Decades of Progress in Treatment and Healthcare

On December 11, 2019
December 1st is World AIDS Day, an opportunity for the world to unite in efforts to stop HIV, support those affected and have lost their lives by HIV.

The More You Know, the More You Save: How Transparency in Health Care Can Help Empower Patients and Plans

On December 5, 2019
The goal of the executive order and the resulting proposed rules is to make the cost of healthcare transparent for patients. Learn more about changes.

New Transparency Rules Released, But Will They Last?

On December 2, 2019
The Trump administration released two rulings: A final rule on hospital price transparency & a proposed rule on transparency in coverage. Learn More.

Empowering Plans: P72 – The Young & The Restless

On November 21, 2019
Adam Russo and Brady Bizarro sit down with Craig Clemente, Chief Operations Officer at Specialty Care Management and outgoing Chairman of the SIIA Future Leaders Committee, to discuss the future of the committee and the many ways they intend on engaging the younger generation. Make sure you tune in to find out what SIIA has in store for 2020 and beyond.

Warren and Buttigieg Cross Swords Over Health Care

On November 15, 2019
The Democratic candidate, Elizabeth Warren, known for her multitude of plans and granular policy detail, has officially unveiled her Medicare for All plan. 

Faces of Phia: Episode 19 – Shauna Makes a Comeback

On November 15, 2019
Join Adam Russo and Ron Peck as they interview Shauna Mackey, The Phia Group’s Associate General Counsel. Shauna is back in New England after moving to London, and was fortunate to have had private health insurance through her husband’s company, as opposed to utilizing the public healthcare offered to all residents in England. Tune in to learn more about Shauna and her experience with both public and private healthcare throughout her pregnancy and delivery.

Plan Language, Rx, and Lawsuits to Watch (and File): Innovation for a Changing Industry

On November 13, 2019
In the face of evolving pricing models, ever-increasing drug costs, difficulties in administering claims, and increased regulatory burdens, the players in the self-funding industry need change. Not just any change, though; creative change that promotes cost-containment and makes life easier for those who support health benefit plans in one way or another.

Happy (Almost) New Plan Year!

On November 6, 2019
Don't let the hectic Fall season bring you down - we've compiled helpful tips for employers to keep in mind as they review health plans for the new year.