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Faces of Phia: Episode 18 – Battling Balance-Billing

On November 4, 2019
Join Adam Russo and Ron Peck as they interview Lyneka Hubbert, a Medical Claim Negotiator here at The Phia Group. Lyneka has worked in six different departments throughout her five years at Phia, and has more in store for her future here. Tune in to learn more about Lyneka and her experience with protecting patients from balance bills.

The Tower of Babel – Talking Heads Talking Past Each Other

On October 31, 2019
As the 2020 Presidential Election approaches, healthcare is one issue that everyone is talking about; but are they speaking the same language?

Tales From the Plan: Episode 5 – Translating Phia’s Benefit Plan

On October 24, 2019
Join Adam Russo and Ron Peck as they interview The Phia Group’s Human Resources Manager, Linda Pestana. Learn how Linda was able to navigate our health plan and negotiate with a provider to make her son’s hearing aids affordable. Additionally, Linda discusses another story regarding Phia’s health plan, and how it has completely erased the out-of-pocket expense for a medication another employee previously paid $800.00 a month for.

2020 Forecast - Storm Clouds, Clear Skies, and the Issues that will Dominate Next Year

On October 23, 2019
2020 is almost here, and The Phia Group continues its webinar series dedicated to preparing you for renewals, and the coming year. Join the team for this free webinar as they discuss the issues that impacted 2019, and are poised to dominate 2020, including (but not limited to) Mental Health Parity, Paid Leave, Health Insurance Taxes, Drug Prices, Regulations, and Coupons.

Battle Lines Drawn over Medicare for All in the Latest Democratic Debate

On October 21, 2019
Healthcare played an essential role in how the audience identified distinctions in candidates in the most recent Democratic debate.

Tales From the Plan: Episode 4 - A Vision for Savings

On September 23, 2019
Join Adam, Pat, and this episode’s guest – Michael Vaz – to hear from a valued employee, whose experience in the industry and as a consumer of healthcare will open your eyes and help you appreciate how much difference a plan can make in a person’s life. Containing costs and rewarding employees – it’s a win-win.

Patients are Increasingly Being Sent to Collections and Finding Themselves In Court – Sued by the Providers That Swore to Protect Them

On September 20, 2019
Court clerks in various geographic regions witnessed an undeniable uptick in the number of lawsuits being filed by hospitals and providers against patients.

Empowering Plans: P71 – Politics! Politics! Politics!

On September 18, 2019
Brady and Ron do what they do best, say the things you are thinking! This time, they wax poetic about Obamacare, the state of health care versus health insurance, and the political environment as we move toward the 2020 election.

2020 Renewal Season - Decisions Today, Uncertain Tomorrow

On September 17, 2019
It’s plan renewal season, and we find ourselves making decisions that will define how plans will operate over the next year. This is no easy task! First, we confront known issues and hurdles – such as increasing drug costs, regulatory crackdowns, and aggressive providers – looming before us. Additionally, despite the need to make these decisions now, the future is more uncertain than ever before. Between litigation challenging the constitutionality of the ACA and an already wild 2020 Presidential election, no one truly knows what next year will look like. How can we make decisions today at renewal, that address the issues of tomorrow – both known and unknown? Join The Phia Group for a “can’t miss” review of important issues impacting plan renewals, address known roadblocks, and perform an assessment of the candidates’ positions on healthcare – with an eye toward what we should be doing today to prepare for an uncertain tomorrow.

Faces of Phia: Episode 16 - Crunching Numbers with Desmond Campbell

On September 4, 2019
Join Ron Peck as he interviews Desmond Campbell; the man, the myth, the legend. Desmond has spent time crunching numbers over the past 4 years – first for clients, now for The Phia Group. A man with experience elsewhere in the industry, Desmond will share what brought him to The Phia Group, and what keeps him here.

Back to School: 2020 Renewals

On August 21, 2019
As players in the self-funded industry have found out the hard way, keeping business often isn’t easy. Fiduciary obligations and other difficult situations can arise when we all least expect them, and when we are worst-equipped to deal with them (such as in the height of renewal season). By popular demand, this month’s webinar will focus on when fiduciary duties can arise, who needs to be careful, and how those duties might affect your 2020 renewals.

Faces of Phia: Episode 15 - The Fine Fan Club!

On August 16, 2019
In this episode, learn more about the life and background of Andrew Fine, Phia’s Lead Intake Specialist. Listen in as Andrew discusses his family, the fan club behind him, compliance being the number one priority for plans, and the bittersweet nature of the Celtics. Listen in closely, as the former sports analyst might give you some insider tips!

Don’t Confuse Appeals with Balance-Billing!

On August 6, 2019

There’s a New Notice on the Block

On July 31, 2019
Prepare your HAS-qualified high deductible health plan offering groups informed about the new IRS notice on the block. Stay tuned for more IRS regulations.

Health Care “Cadillac Tax” Repeal Bill Passed by the House

On July 24, 2019
The House of Representatives voted to abolish the "Cadillac Tax" on high-valued health plans that when named a law, will put an end to tax threat to employers.