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Health Insurance is NOT Health Care

On March 23, 2017
Phia Group Senior Vice President and General Counsel Ron E. Peck, Esq. discusses rising insurance premiums and what we need to do to evaluate those.

Keep Hands, Arms, Legs, and Feet Inside the Ride at All Times and Remain Seated Until the Ride Comes to a Complete Stop

On March 22, 2017
Learn more about what to expect with all of the new changes in the healthcare industry.

If I Can Change, So Can The Average American

On March 15, 2017
Learn more about why you should evaluate your health care plans and what to look for in your bills.

Empowering Plans Segment 04 - Attack of the Killer Savings

On March 13, 2017
Join The Phia Group's CEO, Adam V. Russo, and Sr. VP, Ron E. Peck, as they describe how The Phia Group identifies facilities that provide the best outcomes for the least cost, and encourage plan participants to visit those facilities.

ACA to AHCA… A Look Back on the Past 7 Years

On March 13, 2017
Learn more about how the American Health Care Act has evolved over the past 7 years.

The Cost-Containment Carve-Out Compliance Conundrum

On March 8, 2017
Learn more about the compliance conundrum caused by health plans with "carve-outs"

Cornelius B. FAISON, Plaintiff–Appellee v. DONALSONVILLE HOSPITAL INC., Defendant–Appellant.

On March 6, 2017
Appeal from the United States District Court For the Middle District of Georgia. D.C. Docket No. 1:11–cv–00010–WLS.

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against Subrogation Rights … What Now?!!

On March 6, 2017
The Supreme Court of the United States issued an 8-1 decision in favor of the plan participant in the case of Montanile v. Board of Trustee of the National Elevator Industry Health Benefit Plan

Montanile Changes Subrogation – How Will You Respond?

On March 6, 2017
On January 20, 2016, The Supreme Court of the United States decided in favor of the plan participant in the case of Montanile v. Board of Trustees of the National Elevator Industry Health Benefit Plan. Learn More.

Second Quarter Newsletter 2016 – The Stacks

On March 6, 2017
The Cost of Healthcare in The US is Arbitrary and Out of Control

Don’t get cute when ERISA documents are requested

On March 6, 2017
The Employee Retirement Income Security Act generally requires that plan participants get copies of summary plan descriptions, plan documents and annual reports when requested.

Can FMLA leave be involuntary? Court punts

On March 6, 2017
A federal court hearing an FMLA interference case has sidestepped deciding whether it is legal for an employer to place an employee on involuntary FMLA leave.

Assignment of What, Exactly?

On March 6, 2017
If you’ve ever been disgusted with how much the BUCAs charge for health insurance premiums, you’re not alone.

Federal Judge Denies United Healthcare’s Motion to Dismiss in Case Brought by Texas General Hospital for Unpaid & Underpaid Claims

On March 6, 2017
In January of 2015, Texas General was the subject of intense scrutiny after a FOX 4 investigation revealed multiple billing complaints. A woman who underwent gastric sleeve surgery was charged a total of $622,000, most of which her insurance company, United, refused to pay.

Employer-sponsored Plans Should Prepare to be Taxed

On March 6, 2017
The latest news in the repeal and replace saga is that congressional Republicans are pushing to get a bill to the Senate by the end of this month.