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On April 11, 2013
One of our members has personally met with representatives in both the House and the Senate, but these bills appear to be gliding through committees without opposition.

Getting Employers To Self-Fund In The PPACA Era - Keep Existing Clients Self-Funding... Get New Employers To Self-Fund...

On March 13, 2013
As time passes and elements of PPACA are triggered, the cost of purchasing insurance has become too great. Meanwhile, employers see an opportunity to drop coverage, pay a relatively small penalty, and exile employees to the exchanges.

Stop-Loss Battle Expands to Four States

On March 12, 2013
Utah has become the fourth state that is considering legislation that would make it more difficult for employers to operate self-insured group health plans by restricting the availability of stop-loss insurance.

February 2013 Newsletter

On March 4, 2013
It’s only February and I’m already getting sick of the snow. Thankfully spring training is underway and for the first time in years, my beloved Indians have a chance to win! We here at The Phia Group want all of you to win new clients and increase your profitability and that’s why our services are catered to you. The industry is going through much change and our expertise can and will guide you through the storms. Our recent webinar on cost plus offerings was the highest attended to date and we expect to beat that number with our next two on how to convince employers that self funding is right for them. Thanks for choosing us and happy reading.

Anti-Subrogation Bill Emerges in Texas

On February 28, 2013
Texas House Bill 1869 seeks to limit health subrogation recoveries! The bill allows a carrier to create the right to subrogation or the right to reimbursement by contract

Medicare-Plus & Other Cost-Plus Methodologies - The Controversy

On February 12, 2013
The survival of self-funding in the face of PPACA, stricter stop-loss regulation, and the exchanges, is reliant upon doing more for less.

California / Recovering Benefits from Workers' Compensation

On January 23, 2013
In May of 2012, the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (“WCAB”) adopted amendments, which impact the ability of lien claimants to obtain recovery.

January 2013 Newsletter

On January 21, 2013
I cannot believe that New Year’s Eve was over 2 weeks ago – where have these days gone? Time certainly seems to fly by when I keep myself busy working to ensure that all of you are protected this year. I have been spending much time researching the options available to employers in 2014. Where will they go? Will they decide to self fund or will they join the exchanges?

The State of the Subro-Union Address

On January 16, 2013
The Phia Group’s CEO (Adam V. Russo), Sr. VP and General Counsel (Ron E. Peck), and resident subrogation litigation expert (Christopher Aguiar) will delve into current events, litigation, and changes in law (official and otherwise), as they share the current state of affairs for anyone and everyone interested in subrogation.

December 2012 Newsletter

On December 29, 2012
Happy Holidays to all of you! As we enter 2013, I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to serve you and the entire industry over the past 12 years and I look forward to doing so in 2013.

9 Secrets For Coordinating Leave Under the FMLA and ADA

On December 27, 2012
The employer granted the full 12 weeks allowed by the FMLA, so it is free to terminate, right?

Missouri Slayer Law Preempted by ERISA

On December 26, 2012
The allegation is that Mr. Robinson killed his wife. The wife had $121,000.00 in life insurance through her employer, Unilever, and insurer MetLife.

Looking Forward to 2013 - The Phia Group Looks Back at 2012 and Forward to 2013

On November 26, 2012
If you thought 2012 was a wild ride, wait until you see 2013...

November 2012 Newsletter

On November 21, 2012
The elections are over and regardless of who you voted for, the fact remains that PPACA is here to stay. While many of you have been utilizing our firm to assist in your compliance needs, we have never publicly announced that our team of experts can assist your organization with Regulatory Compliance issues until now.

The Bay State Crystal Ball - How Massachusetts May Predict the Future for America's Healthcare

On November 14, 2012
Mitt Romney has been distancing himself from the healthcare reform he signed into law whilst governing Massachusetts. His team has responded to comparisons between “Romneycare” and “Obamacare,” stating that the two laws are vastly different, and vary based on scope of coverage, communities they apply to, and terms themselves. That being said, we can still draw many parallels between the two.