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Empowering Plans: P72 – The Young & The Restless

On November 21, 2019
Adam Russo and Brady Bizarro sit down with Craig Clemente, Chief Operations Officer at Specialty Care Management and outgoing Chairman of the SIIA Future Leaders Committee, to discuss the future of the committee and the many ways they intend on engaging the younger generation. Make sure you tune in to find out what SIIA has in store for 2020 and beyond.

Tales From the Plan: Episode 5 – Translating Phia’s Benefit Plan

On October 24, 2019
Join Adam Russo and Ron Peck as they interview The Phia Group’s Human Resources Manager, Linda Pestana. Learn how Linda was able to navigate our health plan and negotiate with a provider to make her son’s hearing aids affordable. Additionally, Linda discusses another story regarding Phia’s health plan, and how it has completely erased the out-of-pocket expense for a medication another employee previously paid $800.00 a month for.

Faces of Phia: Episode 17 – Reminiscing on Memories with Mrs. Marsh

On October 16, 2019
Join Adam Russo and Ron Peck as they interview Jen Marsh, a dedicated employee that dates back to 2007, when Phia was one-third of the size it is today. Jen turns back time and goes over the past 12 years of her career here at Phia, from where she started as a Case Evaluator, to where she is today as the Client Satisfaction & Quality Control Manager... and you won't believe who used to work for her!

Empowering Plans: P71 – Politics! Politics! Politics!

On September 18, 2019
Brady and Ron do what they do best, say the things you are thinking! This time, they wax poetic about Obamacare, the state of health care versus health insurance, and the political environment as we move toward the 2020 election.

Faces of Phia: Episode 16 - Crunching Numbers with Desmond Campbell

On September 4, 2019
Join Ron Peck as he interviews Desmond Campbell; the man, the myth, the legend. Desmond has spent time crunching numbers over the past 4 years – first for clients, now for The Phia Group. A man with experience elsewhere in the industry, Desmond will share what brought him to The Phia Group, and what keeps him here.

Faces of Phia: Episode 14 – The Magical Kingdom!

On August 1, 2019
In this episode, prepare to be enchanted by Mattie Sesin, our Director of Recovery Services. Like a toad kissed by a princess, her career has transformed – and we invite you to join the journey. Marvel at the tales of family, festivities, and food. Miss this one, and you’ll likely turn into a pumpkin.

Tales From the Plan: Episode 3 – Direct & To The Point!

On July 17, 2019
In this episode of Empower Plans – Tales from the Plan, The Phia Group’s VP of Legal Recovery Services discusses his experiences before and after becoming a happy participant in Direct Primary Care. If you are one of the many people who’ve heard about “DPC” but still wonder how it will be received by the plan participants, tune in.

Tales From the Plan: Episode 2 – Mrs Peck, It’s Cancer…

On July 8, 2019
In this meaningful episode, Ron Peck tells us about his family’s battle against cancer, and lessons we can all learn from their experience. Health benefits play a role in our health and survival. You can’t afford to miss this one.

Empowering Plans: P70 – Surprise? Balance Bills!

On June 26, 2019
With this episode, the guys define surprise balance billing, discuss movements to curb them (at the State and Federal levels), and harass Pat “The Man” Santos as well. Stop reading this description and start listening!

Faces of Phia: Episode 11 - Reminiscing with Andrew

On April 17, 2019
In the latest episode of Faces of Phia, Adam and Ron reminisce on Andrew Silverio's Undergraduate adventure. Tune in for an episode filled with trips down memory lane, international drug importation, and predictions about the future of prescription drugs!

Empowering Plans: P69 – A Healthcare Free-for-All

On April 12, 2019
Join Adam, Ron, and Brady for a healthcare free for all where they tackle the most pressing issues facing our industry, including surprise emergency room bills, drug pricing, medical necessity, and employee incentive programs.

Empowering Plans: P67 – Employee Takeover: Self-Funded Health Plans from the Member's POV

On March 26, 2019
Listen in as The Phia Group’s Marketing & Accounts Manager, Matthew Painten, and Compliance & Regulatory Affairs Consultant, Philip Qualo, dissect Phia’s very own Self-funded health plan. These guys aren’t holding back and you don’t want to miss out on this podcast!

Faces of Phia: Episode 9 - Taking Account with Lisa T!

On February 19, 2019
In this episode of Faces of Phia, Adam and Brady interview the superpowered controller of The Phia Group. From adventures in the Steel City to conquering “nice problems to have,” the team covers it all in this candid discussion.

Empowering Plans: P64 - Hospital Transparency!

On February 5, 2019
Let’s Escargot & Meet LCARA: In this episode Ron and Brady discuss the new legal compliance and regulatory affairs team (“LCARA”) with team member Philip Qualo, and specifically address recent efforts to promote hospital transparency.

Faces of Phia: Episode 5 – Setting the Pace with Tori: Help me Tori!

On January 14, 2019
In this most recent episode, Tori Pace – another Phia superstar – shares experiences working with each department, what she’s learned from these experiences, and campaigns for a regular seat on the show.