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Empowering Plans: P59 - Talkin’ with TPAC

On November 16, 2018
In this “Partners in Empowerment” episode, Ron and Brady enjoy chatting with Michael Meloch, President of TPAC Underwriters and valued member of The Phia Group’s own advisory board. Michael isn’t shy when it comes to diagnosing the issues, boiling healthcare cost containment down to simple basics we can all appreciate, and telling it like it is. His employer based perspective and focus on the bottom line (a/k/a “risk”) is as refreshing as it is informative. Don’t miss this one!

Faces of Phia: Episode 2 – Not Your “Norma-l” Employee

On November 16, 2018
In today’s episode, our hosts chat with Norma Phillips… our first official “Face of Phia;” (sorry Matt). Norma explains what makes her different (and special) as well as what makes The Phia Group so unique. From Friday night films, to saving the American workers’ job… Norma and the team touch all the bases.

Empowering Plans: P58 - Special Edition: Talking Politics, Elections, and Healthcare

On November 1, 2018
Like it or not, healthcare is on the ballot – nationally, statewide, and locally. The questions asked and people we elect will have an impact on how we receive and pay for healthcare – and for those of us in the benefits industry – failing to identify the trends, issues, and opportunities is tantamount to waving the white flag. Stay in the know and get ready to go; don’t miss this episode of Empowering Plans.

Empowering Plans: P57 - AHPs: Will They Live Up to the Hype?

On October 22, 2018
Have you heard? In 2019 it will be easier than ever to form a self-funded “Association Health Plan” (AHPs) … So what? In the words of Jurassic Park’s Dr. Ian Malcolm (a/k/a Jeff Goldblum), we have been so preoccupied with whether or not we could, we didn’t stop to think if we should. This podcast discusses the pros and cons, as well as benefits and hurdles the final rules have created for these new AHPs. From compliance with State MEWA laws to obeying federal laws such as ERISA’s consumer protections (including the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act [MHPAEA]), we dissect why we must slow our run towards AHPs to a measured walk.

Empowering Plans: P56 - 2019 - Fly Ball or Home Run?

On October 15, 2018
In this episode, Ron and Adam discuss the many issues, changes and challenges 2018 has lined up for 2019, and how the outcomes we witness in 2019 are certain to change everything by 2020. Tune in, or suffer the consequences!

Empowering Plans: P55 - Learn from the Past to Shape the Future

On October 1, 2018
In this episode, our hosts sit down with industry legend and innovative leader, Jerry Castelloe of Castelloe Partners, to dissect the state of the health benefits universe, identify new issues, repeat offenders, and determine what trends, risks – and victories – from the past are shaping the future.

Empowering Plans: P53 - The View from Nova Healthcare

On September 5, 2018
In this episode of Empowering Plans, Adam Russo and Jennifer McCormick interview Laura Hirsch, President of Nova Healthcare Administrators. They discuss the latest stop-loss trends, patient assistance programs for prescription drugs, and other issues facing the self-funded industry.

Empowering Plans: P52 - The View from SIIA’s Political Perch

On August 15, 2018
In this episode, Adam Russo and Brady Bizarro speak with Ryan C. Work – Vice President of Government Affairs at the Self-Insurance Institute of America (“SIIA”). They talk politics, D.C., and more importantly, about the efforts of the Government Relations Committee to advocate for the self-insured industry. From stop-loss protections and an updated “ERISA Notebook” to new wellness program rules, Ryan reveals the top issues on SIIA’s political agenda and explains how member engagement can really make a difference.

Empowering Plans: P51 - A Healthcare Homerun

On August 8, 2018
In this episode, Adam Russo, Brady Bizarro, and Ron Peck (yes - he’s back!), chat with Mark S. Gaunya – Chief Innovation Officer and Principal of Borislow Insurance. As an author, innovator, and passionate industry advocate touting more than 25 years of experience, Mark doesn’t pull punches as he addresses the biggest opportunities and threats facing employers, employees, and their plans. If you want to know what’s wrong with the nation’s healthcare system, what we need to do to fix it, and enjoy it when someone teases Adam – this episode is a must listen.

Empowering Plans: P50 - Where is Ron? A Very Personal Podcast from the SVP

On July 26, 2018
In this episode, our Senior Vice President & General Counsel dials in to describe where he's been, what major health issue is impacting his family, and what he hopes we can all learn from their experiences thus far - as members of the industry, potential patients, and human beings.

Empowering Plans: P48 - Make Cost Containment Great Again

On July 17, 2018
Brady Bizarro and Adam Russo discuss the hot topics impacting the insurance industry today.

Empowering Plans: P46 - You’ve Gotta Fight, For Your Right, to Try!

On June 29, 2018
In our first-ever video podcast, join us as we explore the implications of the recently passed Right To Try Laws on health benefit plans. Tune in to understand the actions you need to take.

Empowering Plans: P45 - Super-Empowerment

On June 22, 2018
Join us as we sit down with Brooks Goodison, President & Principal Partner at Diversified Group, winners of The Phia Group’s Most Empowered Plan award. Discover Brooks' innovative insights, from internal strategies to industry advocacy efforts, in this insightful episode.

Empowering Plans: P44 - The Phia Group “MVP” Post-Mortem

On June 12, 2018
Tune in as our hosts recap the Phia Group MVP forum at Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots. From insightful discussions to client feedback and amusing coincidences, this episode of Empowering Plans is a must-listen for attendees and enthusiasts alike.

Empowering Plans: P43 - A Debrief of SIIA’s Fly-In on the Hill

On June 1, 2018
Join Adam, Ron, and Brady as they share insights from their impactful trip to Washington, D.C. Hear about their participation in SIIA’s “Fly-In” event, where they engaged with elected officials on critical self-insurance/captive insurance matters. Discover how they championed self-funded health plans, TPAs, and advocated for the Senate's Self-Insurance Protection Act.