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Empowering Plans Segment 29 - Disruption or Not?

On February 7, 2018
In this episode, our hosts discuss the recent announcement that Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan are looking to collaborate on “health care.” Is this just a new way to supply medical goods, deliver care, or handle the entire exchange (including enrollment and payment)? How can broker/advisors, plan administrators, and other members of the industry benefit from this change? And who should be most concerned? This and more await you in “Empowering Plans.”

Empowering Plans Segment 28 - Game-changers

On January 29, 2018
This week, our hosts discuss Adam’s recent travels and review events. We are not alone in our attitudes and desires to change the industry for the better, and now we have proof of that fact! What ideas and concepts were shared with Adam, and how can we add fuel to the fire?

Empowering Plans Segment 27 - Mandate? We don’t need no stinking mandate!

On January 22, 2018
In this episode, Adam, Ron, and regular co-hose – Brady Bizarro – address the new tax law, elimination of the individual mandate, and how it may impact benefit plans of all types. In particular, they examine the psyche of low risk lives and ask the all-important question – how do we keep them enrolled without the mandate?

Empowering Plans Segment 26 - Lightning Strikes Twice – Top 2017 Issues Impacting 2018

On January 10, 2018
In this episode, the “Phia Group Boys” freestyle as they share the issues they felt defined 2017 and are likely to impact 2018. From taxes to law; partnerships to reform… nothing is safe from their analysis and we all benefit from their warnings! This is an episode you cannot afford to miss.

Empowering Plans Segment 25 - A Taxing Time

On December 21, 2017
In this special edition of the podcast, The Phia Group's CEO Adam Russo and Attorney Brady Bizarro discuss the new GOP tax bill in depth. Specifically, how does the bill affect employers? What does the repeal of the individual mandate mean for the self insured industry and for the future of Obamacare?

Empowering Plans Segment 24 - Protect Your ASA

On December 18, 2017
In this episode, our hosts (including repeat guest host Vice President of Consulting, Attorney Jennifer McCormick) discuss the rising trend in stop-loss insurance being placed by entities other than the TPA, yet the TPA is held responsible if things go sour. Listen in to see how everyone can proactively avoid issues from emerging.

Empowering Plans Segment 23 - Plans and Conspiracy

On December 6, 2017
Bring your tin foil hats, folks! With today's episode, our hosts (including guest host, VP of Consulting, Attorney Jennifer McCormick) discuss the recent news regarding CVS purchasing Aetna as well as a new opportunity to customize plan document reviews to address different levels of need.

Empowering Plans Segment 22 - The Biggest Threats to Self-Funding: A Lightning Round

On November 21, 2017
In this episode, The Phia Group’s CEO, Adam Russo, Sr. VP, Ron Peck, and Attorney Brady Bizarro discuss the biggest threats to the self-funded industry. From expanded fiduciary liability to stop-loss denials to a real threat to the ACA’s individual mandate, our experts give their thoughts in a fast-paced discussion.

Empowering Plans Segment 21 - Planning for Stormy Seas Ahead

On November 3, 2017
In this episode, Adam, Ron, and their guest star – VP of Consulting Jennifer McCormick, Esq. – discuss all of the many issues creating waves as it relates to benefit plan documents, and what steps we can all take to safely navigate those waters – including setting sail on The Phia Group Flagship Template!

Empowering Plans Segment 20 - Trumping Costs and Climbing the Hill

On October 19, 2017
With this episode, Adam and Ron welcome back a fan favorite – guest star Brady Bizarro – and discuss the wild and crazy happenings in DC. From contraceptives to cost containment; the impact of fully insured subsidies on self funded plans; and everything in between – this is one lively podcast you cannot afford to miss.

Empowering Plans Segment 19 - The Man with the Plan

On October 13, 2017
In this episode Adam and Ron discuss the oft overlooked but – in their opinion – all important plan document. From its purpose to best practices, they discuss why legal compliance, interaction with third parties, and cost containment efforts all start (and end) with the plan terms. Bring a pen and paper – these tips cannot be missed.

Empowering Plans Segment 18 - Responsibility - Beyond the Contract

On September 28, 2017
In this episode, Adam and Ron discuss trends impacting health plans, employers, and employees. While these issues, such as the opioid epidemic, may not seem like the biggest costs facing benefit plans today, the long term costs are real. More importantly, issues like these can be identified by examining claims data; but most administrators are not contractually responsible to do so. Adam and Ron discuss why these entities should consider adding such services to their offerings – despite not being the most impactful cost containment option or being a contractual responsibility of the administrator.

Empowering Plans Segment 17 - Cutting Out Conflict

On September 11, 2017
When it comes to securing stop-loss, too many benefit plans think the ball is only in the stop loss carrier’s court. Today, our hosts explain what plan administrators can do to cut out conflict and tie up loose ends before they suffer a costly loss. Ensuring an ongoing and fruitful relationship between plans and stop loss tomorrow requires intensive work today. Addressing these potential costly issues now will guarantee reimbursements are in the bag later.

Empowering Plans Segment 16 - In Reference to Reference Based Pricing

On August 22, 2017
This week, Adam Russo and Ron Peck accept that an answer to the high cost of healthcare won’t be coming from D.C., and that health plan administrators (with the help of their partners and advisors) need to address the costs internally. Amongst options to do just that, so-called “Reference Based Pricing” is a hot topic in our industry. Join Ron and Adam as they pick apart this method for containing costs, identify the pros and cons of an “RBP” plan, and discuss options to customize such a program.

Empowering Plans Segment 14 - Repeal & Replace Fails: What's Next?

On August 7, 2017
This week, The Phia Group's CEO, Adam Russo, Sr. VP, Ron Peck, and Attorney Brady Bizarro discuss the dramatic events on Capitol Hill and the shocking failure of Senate Republicans to repeal and replace Obamacare. Despite this serious setback, Republicans are not ready to give up. We'll discuss the path forward.