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Call Me Corny: Discussion on Healthcare

By: Ron Peck, Esq.

So; call me corny, but as I watched my favorite football team miraculously pull forth victory from the jaws of despair, I was inspired.  No – I wasn’t inspired by their excellence in the face of adversity.  I was inspired by everyone other than the New England Patriots.  I was inspired by my family, my friends, people on social media, and even myself.  We all counted them out, and assumed it was over.  We assumed they couldn’t do something because it had never been done before.  I’d love to say they proved us wrong by “doing the impossible…” but the truth is, it was possible.  Very difficult; sure.  But possible.  Healthcare in our country is too expensive.  The money is being spread around, and wasted.  Is there greed?  Sure.  But there is also inefficiency.  If we target this waste, and spend funds only where needed… If we ensure the proper people pay for the proper items in the proper order… I believe we can start moving the ball in the right direction.

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