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Change Often Starts with a Conversation

By: Garrick Hunt

My wife, quite literally, has no idea what I do for a living. When friends and family ask, she normally replies, “…he does something with subrogation…and it involves health insurance.” After a while, this ambiguous description no longer sufficed. It was met with scrutiny from my mother-in-law. She knew I wore a suit and that I traveled a lot, but she was unfamiliar with the work Phia does to contain the cost of health care and self-funding generally.

So, I asked her what she paid for her health insurance per month. She replied, “I pay $136 a week! Not a month! A week!” That is over $500 a month. Compare that to my cost of $158 a month. We hadn’t even discussed benefits and she was already amazed, and more importantly, she was concerned why the cost of her insurance was so high.

“Why doesn’t everyone just adopt a self-funded plan?” she asked.

Change starts with conversation like these.