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Digitizing Subrogation

By: David Ostrowsky

When it comes to subrogation, The Phia Group has over 20 years’ experience serving clients nation-wide. Our attorneys are some of the industry’s most well-versed subrogation experts who can relate to a wide swath of health plans – from self-insured to Medicare-based ones. But we know there can be a great deal of attrition and stiff competition in the subrogation space, which is why for the better part of the past decade there has been a company-wide initiative to digitize our products, most notably The Phia System and Case Management System.

What has our digital transformation entailed? At its core, the web-based enterprise digital transformation has incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI), web-based enterprise digital architecture, and data science into our platform of services, automating and thus expediting our internal processes. Now equipped with enhanced digital resources – including best in class integration tools for data collection and analysis as well as advanced algorithms for case identification – our case handlers have one stable digital platform to contact attorneys and third-party carriers and resources to learn about case law. Not to mention, they also have access to one go-to portal for all pertinent information and data files.

Furthermore, such digitalized automation means that case handlers are able to collect needed information, run analysis, and work the file to conclusion while monitoring the case through all stages. Another critical feature of the cloud-based platform is our web portal client wizard which allows us to digitally share information back and forth with clients. In other words, when a case handler is in the Case Management System, they don’t have to communicate via email or other functions – they can simply converse with pertinent stakeholders within the portal, which also doubles as a tool for informing executives of case status.

But ultimately, the chief beneficiary of this yearslong, multimillion-dollar investment into AI and data science is our valued clients, ones who rely on our subrogation services to protect plan assets for their hardworking participants. With our aforementioned array of technology products, we can identify one active case per 150 lives, and in so doing, not just maximize recoveries but also safeguard our clients’ best interests by lowering premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses for American employees from coast to coast. After all, our primary mission is to prioritize the best interests of said employees (currently, there are north of 25 million lives) and in order to do so we need to be highly efficient.

Hence, what we like to call the Phia advantage.