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More Rule Changes?

By: Kelly Dempsey, Esq.

Just when you thought the 2018 renewal season would be uneventful, the federal agencies and the Trump administration have been busy pumping out rule changes in the last two weeks.  If you tuned into our webinar on Tuesday, October 17, we touched briefly on the changes that have been released, including:

1.    Narrowing of the ACA’s Contraceptive Mandate;
2.    The executive order on Associations and short-term insurance; and
3.    Ending the cost-sharing reductions.

Shortly after the webinar, an apparent deal was reached regarding the funding of the cost-sharing reductions to health insurers which means the cost-sharing reductions will likely continue for another few years.  We’ll be discussing these changes in more detail in an upcoming podcast – so stay tuned.  

As we’ve seen several attempts at repeal and replace fail to come to fruition, it’s possible that we’ll see more rule changes, making the renewal season even more fun.  So for now, don’t fall asleep at the wheel - run to the store and stock up on your favorite form of caffeine to help keep your eyes peeled and tune into our podcasts and webinars for more information.